HuffPo's Mehdi Hasan Compares Michael Gove to Terrorist Breivik

The Huffington Post UK's 'Political Director' Mehdi Hasan has used his outlet today to compare British Secretary of State Michael Gove to terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, in yet another disturbing insight into the mind of Hasan.

Breitbart London yesterday noted Mehdi's previous comments caught on tape, as well as his ineptitude as the 'Political Director' of Arianna Huffington's faltering UK endeavour.

In his column today, Hasan – who has used the derogatory label "kaffir" for non-Muslims, as well as calling them "people of no intelligence" and "cattle"  – juxtaposes Secretary of State Michael Gove (a man he publicly praised just four years ago) with the Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 people in 2011. 

He writes in a roundabout defence against the charge that there is an Islamist Trojan Horse plot to take over British schools: 

"Since when, however, did Michael Gove become an expert on counter-extremism strategies? Robust or otherwise?

"What are the education secretary's qualifications? He studied English at Oxford in the late 1980s and became a journalist upon graduating, serving as a leader writer and columnist for the Times prior to being elected as the Conservative MP for Surrey Heath in 2005.


"In fact, references to Trojan horses are a staple of anti-Islamism polemics. The eighth chapter of Gove's 2006 book, which focuses on a supposed failure to "scrutinize, monitor or check" the activities of British Islamists is entitled.. wait for it.. 'The Trojan Horse'.

"In his 1,500-page online manifesto , '2083: A European Declaration of Independence', the convicted mass murderer and rabid Islamophobe Anders Breivik cites approvingly an author who has claimed that Islamists in Europe use democracy "as a Trojan horse".

"Whether or not there has been an attempt, Trojan or otherwise, by British Islamists to infiltrate or 'take over' schools in Birmingham remains to be seen. So far, the evidence in favour is pretty thin while the alleged ringleader of the 'plot', Tahir Alam, the chairman of Park View School in Birmingham, has strongly denied the claims. "The whole thing has been blown out of all proportion. It's based on an anonymous document, unsigned, undated," he told the Today programme in May."

Forget for a moment the depravity and bottom-dwelling mindset one must maintain in order to liken a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council to a mass murderer. Let us first look at Hasan's initial appeal to authority. 

He claims Mr Gove has no credibility in speaking about Islam because he did not study it at university. By that logic, Mehdi himself has no claim to the matter – being a PPE graduate from Christ Church, Oxford. 

Hasan has written about India despite having no degree in 'Indian Studies'; on climate change despite having no degree in Meteorology; on history despite having no History degree; and on the media despite failing to study what most of his HuffPo compatriots no doubt undertook at university: Home Economics.

Immediately we see how flawed and reaching Hasan's argument is. And he knows it, so he then tries to give it up a leg up by heinously drawing parallels between Gove and Breivik, all the while using Tahir Alam's words (the alleged ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot) to debunk the plot itself. That is basically like quoting Gerry Adams as an objective source on the Troubles. Hasan has previously done the same with the Islamist hate-preacher Raed Salah. 

He has form lining up in front of extremists, previously claiming that the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) was not an Islamist organisation. He said he was "on the fence" over anti-Semitic comments made by convicted Hamas-funder Salah.

His continued presence as the 'Political Director' of the Huffington Post UK is therefore deeply concerning – and indeed if you were wondering how Hasan would react if his own comments were linked to extremists or terrorists, you need look no further than his half-arsed attempt at an explanation of his "kaffir" comments, here:

"Commenters at [the] Harry's Place [website] have decided that I am an ally of "Andy Choudary" (I assume they mean Anjem Choudary, from the radical Muslim group, al Muhajiroun), that I come from a Hizb ut Tahrir "background" and that I'm a "raving Islamist bigot". One commenter says, "we are considering a misguided, arrogant, dangerous Muslim shit-head for a form of hate speech in the same genre as a Hitler rally, based on the Koran."

Yes it appears Mr Hasan doesn't like to be compared to extremists either. But I imagine somewhere in the Huffington Post's offices lay a set of house rules. Rule 1: Hypocrisy is fine (as long as no one finds out). 

Sorry Mehdi, you've been found out again.


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