Wind Turbines 'Caused 1600 Miscarriages' on Fur Farm

A new wind farm has been linked to the premature births of over 1,600 mink at a fur farm in Denmark last month. Veterinarians have ruled out viruses and food as possible causes, leaving the 460ft (140 metre)-high wind turbines as the only variable that has changed since last year.

According to the World Council for Nature (WCFN), most of the mink were dead at birth and many had severe deformities, including lack of eyeballs.

The new wind farm is located 358 yards (328 metres) from the fur farm, and consists of four 3MW turbines, reaching out to 460ft at the tip of the blades.

The farm had already reported another incident related to the turbines when they became operational last autumn. The farmer reported millions of Danish kroners in damage to pelts after the animals became aggressive and started attacking one another. According to the WCFN, he even took his case to the Danish parliament.

This is the latest in a series of incidents where wind turbines have reportedly harmed and altered the behaviour of animals and humans. Last year, a Canadian emu farm, popular with tourists, was forced to close after its animals started becoming aggressive and losing weight when wind turbines were installed nearby.

In March, Breitbart London reported that the deputy chief medical officer at the Irish Department of Health warned that people who live near wind turbines were at risk of “wind turbine syndrome”. Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating and insomnia.

"There are specific risk factors for this syndrome and people with these risk factors experience symptoms. These people must be treated appropriately and sensitively as these symptoms can be very debilitating," the deputy CMO said.


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