British-Born ISIS Fighters Faking Deaths to Sneak Back into UK

British citizens who are fighting for the extreme Islamist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq have faked their deaths on the battlefield in order to sneak back into Britain undetected.

The Sunday Times reports that security sources claim that in one case the "martyrdom" of a fighter was announced on social media, only for him to arrive back at Dover. They now fear that other fighters may try the same tactics.

The threat posed by radical ISIS fighters is demonstrated by one who used Twitter to call for the beheading of the Prime Minister and Home Secretary. Tweeting under the alias of Abu Rashash Britani, he said: “When we establish khilafah [an Islamic state], a battalion of mujahideen shud [sic] head to UK & capture David Cameron & Theresa May n behead them both :)”

He had earlier called for "more Lee Rigby scenarios in the UK and hoping it spreads to other western nations like US and allies." This refers to the killing of a soldier in London last year by Islamist extremists.

Yesterday, the father of another British-born Jihadist currently fighting in Syria spoke of his sorrow at his son's actions. He said that when he found out his son, Nasser Muthana, was fighting for ISIS he "wanted to cry".

"Is he going to kill?" he asked. "He didn't think of the children, the women, elderly people. Someone is driving these kids to do this."

He was speaking after his son, who had originally been accepted into four universities to train as a doctor, appeared in a propaganda video urging other young people to join him. He said that although he was currently in Syria, he intended to take the fight to Iraq.


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