Google Say You Have a Right to Be Forgotten. I Don't

Some people say I share too much.

They are probably right. I have no filter. I think it, it comes out of my mouth. Sometimes it is already on the way out of my mouth when my brain starts yelling ‘no, wait, come back’. But by then it’s too late.

Google 'Katie Hopkins is' and the results are perfectly me. Katie Hopkins Is-lam, (no she is blo*dy not) Katie Hopkins is right (thank you wise people of Britain) Katie Hopkins is vile (divorcees with issues) Katie Hopkins is hot (even my husband says I am not) Katie Hopkins is a horse (could be useful if the car broke down).

And that is the beauty of the thing. Anything anyone wants to know, think, feel or look up about me is all there. A catalogue of horrors, a giggle a minute and a gasp! Shock! Horror! Of a life lived without a self-edit facility or a soft focus lens.

I love it. Sure my Wikipedia page has been altered so many times by wackos I don't even recognise myself in it. But that’s half the fun. A while back it said I was a cross-dressing transvestite who gave birth to an alien. Come on – what’s not to love?

But that’s all about to change. Blink and you’ll miss it.

The European Court of Justice granted us all to the right to be forgotten. In the UK and Europe, you can fill in a polite form at Google and have your dirty deeds erased.

People with stuff to hide can have their imperfections airbrushed away. And believe me they are hungry for it. A request to delete something is made once every seven seconds.

The story about the paedophile convicted of possessing child abuse images. Gone. The doctor given bad reviews by his patients. Gone. Tesco staff being rude to customers. Gone.

History is being rewritten. People can whiten their reputation as readily as they do their teeth. Stand by for ‘reputation management’ firms to swing into action hiding dirty secrets, shoving skeletons back in the closet.

This is wrong. It is the modern equivalent of burning books.

Information is knowledge. And knowledge is power. Being able to censor and conceal dirty little secrets is a paradise for the worst kind of people.

The internet was never about regulation. It is about freedom of information and people have to make a judgement call about how they use it.

There is a book called the Circle which imagines a place where everything is shared. It says the more information is shared the better our lives will be: ‘Secrets are lies, sharing is caring and privacy is theft’.

I subscribe to this absolutely. Yes I have flaws – hundreds of them. And I do not look good in a bikini. But I have nothing to hide. I have my say, the internet is a good place for you to have yours.

If the worst things you want to look up about me are whether I am a horse, or whether I am vile then I must be doing OK.

If you are looking up Katie Hopkins – Islam, you will know I am a Kafir with a capital K.

But if you are one of the people looking up Katie Hopkins is hot, I really think you need to seek help.

Katie Hopkins is a columnist for The Sun


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