The World is on Fire and the BBC is Broadcasting Rolling Coverage of the Most Boring Murder Trial in History

The BBC has had a tough time over the past few years, and rightly so. Britain's public broadcaster has been embroiled in paedophilia scandals, monetary crises, bias, negligence and deep internal strife. But no greater example of the organisation's complete and utter uselessness exists than their current approach to the news.

The world is on fire:

And the BBC's response? 24/7 rolling coverage of one of the most boring murder trials in human history.

Not only is the constant coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial surplus to the requirements of BBC News viewers, but it is also perverse.

The BBC is always on its high horse about its journalism, and its unique TV programming. The left-liberal, Guardian-reading majority within the organisation are always looking down their noses at us, pretending they know better. So why on this issue are they pandering to the lowest common denominator?

Because they're lazy?

Because they think a celebrity trial will bring in viewers?

Because it is slap bang in the middle of silly season and some unfortunate line manager sent everyone on holiday?

Whatever the reason, it is a further indictment of the licence-fee funded organisation - and more proof as if we needed it that it is time the BBC's monopoly over British broadcast journalism was smashed.

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so...


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