Report: Obama Wants to Be Celebrity Picker for ESPN's 'College GameDay'

President Barack Obama has reportedly expressed interest in becoming a celebrity picker for ESPN's College GameDay this season. 

ESPN Senior Coordinating Producer Lee Fitting told Sports Illustrated that White House representatives have actually reached out to ESPN about Obama potentially appearing on the program this college football season. 

"The President has expressed interest and as crazy as it sounds, he might come whenever he can fit in," Fitting told the publication. "It sounds crazy to even talk about, I know."

Obama has had a very cozy relationship with ESPN, filling out college basketball tournament brackets for the network every year since he has been in office. This weekend, he also went golfing with Pardon The Interruption hosts Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. 

GameDay is a Saturday morning staple during college football season, and the show traditionally has on a celebrity every week to predict and analyze the week's top games with the show's hosts. 

Even though the White House tours are canceled and the country, particularly minority communities, is struggling economically while foreign policy crises are popping up from Egypt to Russia, Obama seems intent on using the office of the presidency to live out his sports fantasies. 

Tiger Woods, according to the publication, has also expressed interest in appearing on the program this year, which is fitting because Obama earlier this year scheduled a fantasy golf outing with Woods and Butch Harmon in Florida at the exclusive Floridian. Woods has reportedly expressed interest in appearing on the program when the show goes to Stanford, a school that not only is Woods's alma mater but a potential national title contender this year. It is not known what week Obama is interested in appearing on the program. 


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