Gun-Free Zones: MLB Will Require Stadiums to Employ TSA-like Screening by 2015

Major League Baseball (MLB) is requiring all teams to implement TSA-like screening at all stadiums, guaranteeing that all venues will be gun-and-weapon-free zones by 2015.

This screening must either be done "with hand-held metal detection or walk-through magnetometers."

According to the Daily News, this screening requirement results from the MLB and "the Department of Homeland [Security's ongoing effort] to standardize security practices across the game." The new scans "will be in addition to bag checks that are now uniform throughout the MLB."

The Seattle Mariners will comply in 2014, requiring all fans "to walk through metal detectors" at this year's opener."

On Octoberr 7th, Breitbart News reported the NFL took a similar step by banning the possession of guns by off-duty police officers during games. 

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