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Bruce Jenner and the Pronoun Police

Right after witnessing the final act of a Shakespearean tragedy in a Massachusetts courtroom, sports fans rubberneck a Shakespearean comedy on primetime television, atop checkout-line tabloids, and in every other place where gawkers go for gossip. Whereas Aaron Hernandez played Iago to Odin Lloyd, Bruce Jenner plays Rosalind to Diane Sawyer. None dare call him Ganymede.
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CHW @ BAL PPD (Riot)

The Baltimore Orioles postponed their game with the Chicago White Sox because of not rain but riot yesterday. The forecast calls for more of the same tonight.
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The Man Who Was Not There: Tom Brady Leaves Barack Obama Guessing

Tom Brady didn't exactly pull a Tim Thomas, the Boston Bruins goalie who justified staying home on a team White House visit by saying "the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People." That doesn't mean the president's friends, and his foes, don't interpret the Patriots quarterback's absence from the White House on Thursday as a snub fueled by racism, ideology, or some other loathsome tic.
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Charged Marathon Bombings Fraud’s ‘Post-Concussion Syndrome’ Eval Came from ‘America’s Concussion Doctor’

On the 119th running of the Boston Marathon, a self-described victim of the 2013 bombings awaits trial for defrauding charities. The doctor providing the alleged charlatan with a post-concussion-syndrome evaluation served as a consultant to the retired players’ lawsuit against the NFL and a talking head in Frontline’s “League of Denial” documentary.
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Live! Ringside at ESPN’s ‘Friday Night Fights’

UNCASVILLE, CT—Breitbart Sports covers the action at Mohegan Sun Arena live from ringside at ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. Pablo Munguia set out to prove looks can be deceiving in the main event of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. Detroit’s long and

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