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Texas Homecoming Queen was Swept Away in Flash Flood

A homecoming queen was on her way home from the prom early Sunday morning when she was swept away and killed by flood waters, about 35 miles from San Antonio, and just miles away from her home of Devine Texas. Her body has now been recovered.

Arragant Obama - AP Photo - Andrew Harnik

Obama Vows Federal Help to Texas Flood Victims

President Barack Obama told press corps in the Oval Office this morning that he spoke with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and assured him that Texas can count on the federal government to help Texans. The Lone Star State has sustained historic damage from catastrophic floodwaters that hit the state over the Memorial Day holiday and weekend.

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Minors Seeking Abortions: Texas Making it Harder for Judges to Bypass Parents

Pro-life legislation making it more difficult for Texas judges to bypass parental notification when their children are seeking an abortion is gaining speed in the Lone Star State. The bill is sponsored by Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) and strengthens judicial bypass laws. After four hours of debate on the Texas Senate floor on Memorial Day, it received preliminary approval by a 20-11 vote margin. The bill now goes to a third reading as amended on Tuesday, May 26th.

Rodolfo Gonzalez-Austin American-Statesman via AP

Texas Family Swept Away in Flash Flood

A former Nueces County Commissioner has confirmed that his two grandchildren and daughter-in-law are missing after being swept-away in flood waters near Wimberly, Texas. His son was seriously hurt when the home his family was staying in was overtaken by the flood.


Texas Bill Governing Judges Raises Questions by Judge over Separation of Powers

A long time statutory probate judge in Harris County, Texas, is raising an issue which begs the question of where the legislature’s power over the judiciary begins and ends. It is his opinion, that Senate Bill 1876, relating to appointing attorneys, mediators, or guardians, via a rotating list, is unconstitutional as violative of the separation of powers.

Minimum Wage 15 - AP Photo

Minimum Wage Increase Defeated in Texas House

If passed by the Texas Legislature, the bill would have increased pay to either $10.10 an hour, or the federal minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act (currently $7.25 per hour for non-exempt employees), whichever was higher.

Article 5

Texas House Calls for Article 5 Convention to Restrain Federal Government

A Texas State House Joint Resolution passed Thursday would, if passed by the Texas State Senate, ask the U.S. Congress to call an Article 5 convention, which would propose Constitutional amendments to impose fiscal restraint on the federal government, reduce its powers and jurisdiction, and limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

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