Watch: Antifa Protester Taunts Police — Flees in Fear as Cops Approach

Protester flees from NYPD, nearly being struck by a car, after taunting officers. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Drew Hernandez)
Twitter Video Screenshot/Drew Hernandez

An Antifa protester in New York walked towards a band of police and taunted them. When the cops started to steadily walk towards him, he got scared and ran away — nearly being struck by a vehicle as he fled.

A protester walked up to NYPD officers during a weekend protest and loudly clapped his hands in an apparent effort to provoke the officers. He then fled as officers turned in his direction and had to dodge moving vehicles in order to get away. He almost got hit by a car in the intersection.

Here are some of the comments to the video in the Twitter post:

Another commenter took a different tone when addressing the incident.

The New York Post reported that police encountered anti-Trump protesters, and there were at least three arrests. Anti-Trump demonstrators met in Madison Square Park. Their plan was to greet pro-Trump caravans driving through New York prior to this week’s presidential election.

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