Antifa Attacks Neighborhood — Vandalizing and Shining Lights into Homes in Vancouver, Washington

Antifa protesters vandalize a Vancouver home displaying a Trump sign. (Twitter Video Scree
Twitter Video Screenshot

Antifa descended on a house with a large Trump sign and American flag while protesting in Vancouver, Washington, late Friday night. Vandals tore down a fence and smashed out windows of a vehicle as they yelled, “f*ck Donald Trump!” They also shined bright strobe lights into homes as they verbally accosted residents.

A large band of Antifa protestors from Portland, Oregon, crossed the Columbia River to suburban Vancouver. They marched through neighborhoods and terrorized people in their residences, and attacked restaurant-goers, reported Breitbart News.

Once they arrived at the house with the Trump sign and U.S. flag, they tore down the fence and “smashed up his property,” including the windows of a van.

BLM and Antifa rioters covered streets containing multi-housing units. They beat drums and yelled, “Wake-up mother f**ker, wake-up!”

Screeching protestors also shined bright blue strobe lights into the residences of people.

They screamed at people standing on their balconies, “Nobody f**ing likes you, your momma hates you, your dad hates you, and you should get a f**ing life.”

Then they turned their verbal sights onto law enforcement, calling them “murderers” and saying, “Do your job BITCH!”

They yelled at two women on their balcony, “Take your pu**y-ass back into the f**ing house” and “Get in the house you dumb c**t.”

Then they start singsonging: “Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.”

While in Vancouver, Antifa protesters assaulted a man and kept kicking him as he lay on the ground, reported Breitbart News.  They also burned the United States flag stolen from a truck passing by.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart News. She is a trial lawyer who previously served as a prosecutor and family court associate judge in Texas. You can reach Shadwick at


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