Watch: Antifa Burns U.S. Flag While Shouting ‘Death to Your F**king Empire’

Antifa and BLM protesters burn U.S. flag in Vancouver, Washington, during Halloween-night
Twitter Video Screenshot

Antifa protesters took to the streets of suburban Vancouver, Washington, and burned American flags during their Halloween-night “anti-capitalism” protests. During one of these burnings, a protester yelled, “Death to your f**king empire!”

“Everyone of you has blood on your hands,” another rioter said.

“Death to your f**king empire! You sick f**ks!”

“F**k you for all the Native Americans that you f**king killed! You…mother-f**kers!”

“All the Black people, all the Iraqis. All the Afghan[s]. All the Vietnamese!”

In another incident, Antifa-BLM protesters stole a flag from the Washington State Patrol building in Vancouver, Washington. They shouted: “What did you see? Didn’t see shit!”

In another video, they shouted, “Burn the flag! Burn the flag! Burn the flag!” They then joked about needing “marshmallows” and “warming [their] f**ing hands up … on the campfire.”

As they burned the American flag, they chanted, “All cops are bastards, all cops are bastards.”

They then called to “burn the precinct to the ground.”

“All America is wacked. We’re going to take these streets back!” protesters yelled.

BLM and Trump supporters clashed at a vigil in Portland. When a Trump flag and US flag were lit on fire, a reported “Trump supporter” grabbed the flags and “tried to put it out almost igniting himself.”

As Antifa rioters marched on the streets of Vancouver and Portland, Oregon, on Halloween night, they defaced businesses and broke windows, reported Breitbart News. Rioters moved from business areas to residential neighborhoods.

Portland Police called the planned protest: “Capitalism is Scary.”

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart News. She is a trial lawyer who previously served as a prosecutor and family court associate judge in Texas. You can reach Shadwick at, or follow her on Parler @LanaShadwick.


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