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Previously Deported Illegal Alien

Phoenix Human Smuggling Bust Detains 30

A human smuggling operation was busted in Phoenix which resulted in at least 30 illegal immigrants being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a raid on March 27.

Cartel Hitmen Kill Police Agent, Prosecutor’s Aide near Texas Border

A ministerial police agent and administrative assistant for the Chihuahua State Prosecutor’s Office were shot and killed by suspected cartel gunmen while traveling in an unmarked vehicle in Ciudad Juarez on January 16, 2018. The city shares the same border with the sanctuary city of El Paso, Texas.


Cinco Razones Por Que El Programa Anti-Cárteles Del Departamento De Estado de EU Fracasa en Mexico

El Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos está desperdiciando dólares de nuestros impuestos en México, en una serie de programas vinculados a la Iniciativa Mérida para combatir los cárteles y el tráfico de droga. Organizaciones criminales transnacionales (cárteles) establecidas en México prosperan cuando el Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos equilibra las prioridades de las agencias policiales con preocupaciones diplomáticas, a menudo colocando a la política y la diplomacia por encima de prioridades como el desmantelamiento de las redes criminales que introducen drogas por la frontera hacia comunidades de Estados Unidos.


Five Reasons Why the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Cartel Programs Fail in Mexico

The U.S. State Department is wasting our tax dollars in Mexico on a series of programs tied to the Merida Initiative to battle cartels and drug trafficking. Transnational criminal organizations (cartels) based in Mexico thrive as the U.S. State Department balances U.S. law enforcement agencies’ priorities with diplomatic concerns, often placing politics and diplomacy above priorities such as dismantling the criminal networks pumping narcotics across the border into U.S. communities.

Tijuana Judge Smuggled 38 Pounds of Cocaine into U.S., Say Feds

A municipal court judge from Tijuana was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on February 10, 2018, after he attempted to smuggle 38.75 pounds of cocaine into the U.S. at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, according to a recently released criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of California.


7 U.S. Citizens Injured by Alleged Cartel Bomb on Mexican Tourist Ferry

Seven U.S. citizens were injured by a bomb blast on a Mexican tourist ferry on February 21, 2018. A Mexican cartel allegedly claimed responsibility for the device, thereby making the bombing a possible act of narco-terrorism. The U.S. State Department issued a security alert confirming that an “explosive device” detonated on the ferry on February 21, and that two more “undetonated explosive” devices were found on another ferry in the area.

More Alleged Cartel Bombs Discovered on Another Tourist Ferry in Mexico

The recent discovery of two bombs found attached to another tourist ferry on the island of Cozumel has sparked more fears of narco-terrorism in Mexico. The bomb discoveries come on the heels of a confirmed explosion caused by a bomb that ripped through a tourist passenger ferry last week in Playa del Carmen. A Mexican cartel claimed credit for the initial act of narco-terrorism.

Mexican police patrol in Veracruz State, where scores of Central Americans being smuggled to the United States have been rescued from an abandoned truck

WATCH: Hooded Cartel Gunmen Kidnap Mexican Teacher in Broad Daylight

The brazen kidnapping of a school teacher by hooded gunmen reveals the level of impunity in which criminal organizations operate in the embattled state of Veracruz. The victim, Amparo Hermelita Armenta Gallegos, 31, was taken on January 30 in central Pánuco, according to surveillance cameras.