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Dem Legislators Raise Filing Fees to Stop Ballot Initiatives

Democrats in the California State Assembly passed a bill this week that would increase the filing fees for ballot initiatives (or referenda) from $200 to $8,000, thus excluding most ordinary citizens from filing a petition and leaving the field open for unions and corporations, according to Capital Public Radio.

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UEFA Calls for New FIFA Leadership

UEFA, the European governing body of soccer, issued a statement on Wednesday calling for new leadership in FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, which runs international soccer and the World Cup.

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Hypocrites: L.A. Labor Wants Exemption from $15 Min. Wage

Labor leaders, who insisted for most of the last year that no exemptions should be allowed when instituting a minimum wage hike for the City of Los Angeles, have changed their tune now that the Los Angeles City Council approved the hike to $15 last week, asserting that companies whose employees are unionized should be exempted from the forced wage hike.

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Scott Walker Might Skip 2016 Florida GOP Primary

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hinted that he might eschew competing in the Florida primary in 2016, acknowledging that two Florida heavyweights, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush, would likely wage a titanic battle for their home state.

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