Decision To Allow Women To Exercise Splits Saudi Twitterati

Saudi Twitter users have launched the hashtag #marry_sporty_girl in response to a government decision to introduce physical education in girls’ school, which has been fiercely debated in the ultraconservative kingdom.

Bader tweeted: “If she exercises at home, I’ll marry her. If she practices sports outdoors, I won.”

“And what if a woman refused to marry you fat men? Would you disparage your own ugly bodies?” Darawi tweeted, and received a barrage of negative responses.

One person replied:”The problem isn’t in the body, it’s in the head.”

“Would you rather marry someone who suffers from high blood pressure, overweight, and cardiac problems? There is a blessing in exercise, you primitives,” another wrote.

Sara trolled many of the hashtag users when she asked: “The question that needs to be asked is whether that young woman would agree to marry a fat man like you.”

They were, in turn defensive: “I’m not fat,” wrote one. Another said: “What’s wrong with my tummy?” and congratulated her for a “spot-on” comeback.

Reema tweeted on behalf of women: “A sporty girl is an attractive girl, good-looking, and certainly better than you men, with your disgusting pants.”

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