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visa lottery

Sen. Kennedy Pushes Bill To End Visa Lottery

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy is stepping forward with a bill that would end the lottery-visa program, which has allowed luck and foreigners to send 5 million unscreened immigrants into the United States since 1990.

visa lottery

Business, Progressives, Promote Visa Lottery After Jihad Attack

Progressive and business groups are defending the visa-lottery program which invited Islamic believer Saifullah Saipov into the United States before he murdered eight cyclists in New York, while mainstream Republicans step up their calls for careful, pro-American immigration rules.


Politico: GOP Senators Plan No-Safeguards Amnesty by Spring

Establishment GOP Senators are trying to assemble a cheap-labor amnesty for young illegals which will not protect Americans workers from unscrupulous employers, nor reduce the huge annual inflow of migrants and workers, according to a report in Politico.