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Hungary Threatens to Boycott EU Actions on Ukraine

BRUSSELS (AP) — Hungary says it will “block and boycott” all attempts to draw Ukraine more deeply into the European Union unless Kiev changes a new education law that rolls back options for schools to teach lessons in languages other than Ukrainian.

World View: Iran, Syria and Russia Ridicule Saudi Arabia’s Army

Contents: Turkey will keep Syria border closed as Aleppo refugees mass; Europe sends mixed messages to Turkey about new flood of Syrian refugees; Syria, Iran and Russia ridicule Saudi Arabia’s army; Turkey confiscates parrots and parakeets on Syria border; North Korea launches long-range missile, violating Security Council resolution

Hungary Plans Massive Border Wall to Keep Out Migrants

This Wednesday, Hungary was the subject of criticism from European officials after the nation announced plans to construct a 110-mile long, 4-meter high fence along their border with Serbia in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants streaming into the country.