Hungarian Govt Slams Mitt Romney for ‘Brutal Attack on Media Freedom and Democracy’

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Hungarian government hit back at faux conservative U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) after he criticised FNC’s Tucker Carlson for visiting their country, accusing him of undermining the free press and democratic elections.

Romney, a failed presidential candidate and strident critic of President Trump, had slammed Carlson — “a prominent TV pundit” — for travelling to Hungary to “extol Viktor Orbán as a model for us to emulate.”

Prime Minister Orbán “censors the media in his country, ignores the will of the people in elections, [and] amasses wealth for himself and his cronies” alleged the multi-millionaire senator, although in fact the Hungarian leader has both lost and won free elections in the EU member-state — currently he is riding a three-win streak.

“Hungary, model for America?” the American scoffed, claiming the conservative country is “one of the least free, least democratic countries in the developed world.”

Needless to say, this extraordinary attack on a NATO ally has prompted a strong response from the Hungarian government, led by the country’s foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó.

“Mitt Romney has launched a brutal attack on media freedom and democracy,” the Hungarian statesman hit back in a social media post.

“He judged an American television journalist because he expressed his opinion about Hungary, which did not coincide with the liberal mainstream’s lie against our country,” he added, in reference to Carlson praising Hungary’s strong border controls and pro-family policies.

“And the [Hungarian] government was accused of governing against the will of the people. Where the people’s will is expressed in the election, but we have been given two-thirds of a row three times in a row. In an election system where everyone has equal weight vote regardless of their residence,” he added, perhaps more than a little sarcastically.

“NGOs afraid of democracy and freedom of press, wake up!”

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