Hungary: EU Trying to ‘Cram Mandatory Migrant Quotas Down Throats of European Countries’


Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjártó has warned that the European Union is once again trying to “cram mandatory migrant quotas down the throats of European countries”.

Speaking to Kossuth Radio, the Szijjártó warned that the situation in Greece, where the flow of illegal migrants is once again rising into the thousands, has darkened, and that its islands are becoming “appallingly crowded” with new arrivals.

The Fidesz politician also warned of thousands of illegal migrants in the Western Balkans, many of whom are from Muslim-majority Albania and Kosovo — European countries but not members of the European Union or its borderless Schengen area — are “wreak[ing] havoc on the life of locals” and in shows of “extremely aggressive behaviour”.

Moreover, the Hungarian is concerned that the European Union’s only strategy for dealing with the migrant crisis is to try and “cram mandatory migrant quotas down the throats of European countries” with “anti-migration” governments — who have been weakened now that the Italian populist Matteo Salvini’s League (Lega) party has been displaced by the left-establishment Democratic Party (PD) in the Mediterranean country’s coalition government.

Italy’s new “pro-migration leftist government”, Szijjártó lamented, has “dropped Salvini’s policy” of refusing to allow so-called “rescue” ships operated by NGOs seeking to land migrants from Libya exclusively in European ports to dock in Italy, and “returned to Brussels’ false narrative that illegal migration trends cannot be stopped” and must instead be “managed”.

For refusing to accept the migrant redistribution policy which the EU has attempted to impose, Hungary has “suffered a political revenge” in the form of various sanctions for alleged offences, the foreign minister claimed.

His comments follow a similar statement from Hungary’s new Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, claims that the “real cause” of these “offensives”  is that “Hungary and Hungarians have refused since 2015 to allow the policies of the pro-immigration political forces” to be implemented.

“That’s why they’re attacking us, because we said no to migration.”

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