Hungary: EU Vice-Prez, European Socialists ‘Following Orders of Soros Network’ to Increase Immigration

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The Hungarian government has excoriated the leadership of the European Union and “European Socialists” across the bloc for “following the orders” of a network centred on billionaire activist George Soros to increase mass migration.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s foreign affairs chief, Péter Szijjártó, said “It is clear that [European Commission First Vice President] Frans Timmermans and the European Socialists are following the orders of the Soros network and want to further intensify migration trends in the direction of Europe,” in response to comments from the eurocrat suggesting immigration should be organised rather than reduced.

“Migration should be stopped rather than organised,” Szijjártó insisted at a press conference in Bucharest, Romania.

“[T]aking together the migrants from sub-Saharan Africa arriving in North Africa and those in the Middle East, some 30-35 million people live in the direct vicinity of Europe who might decide at any point, due to their living conditions, to set off for Europe,” he warned.

Timmermans, he insisted, was “Soros’s man, otherwise he would not have received Soros four times and the head of George Soros-funded organisations numerous times.”

Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács was even more forthright, declaring that, “With its latest decisions to triple available EU funding for NGOs (effectively completing the sixth point of the Soros plan), list the admission of illegals as a condition of the rule of law and openly sanction countries opposed to illegal migration, the European Parliament has crossed a red line.”

“It has become a mere campaign tool for the pro-migration, liberal left… It is becoming increasingly apparent, Prime Minister Orbán said in his radio interview last Friday, that George Soros is trying to expand his influence in European institutions,” he added, announcing that Hungary will not take part in an upcoming European Parliament debate in which the Central European country will be taken to task for various alleged transgressions.

The Hungarian government, he explained, would not “legitimise with its presence [a European Parliament] debate that serves the interests of George Soros and his pro-migration army.”

Prime Minister Orbán and his government have made it clear they envision the May elections to the European Parliament as an opportunity for rising anti-mass migration, pro-sovereignty movements across Europe to disempower the anti-populist, pro-immigration establishment which currently occupies the key posts in the EU’s central power structures.

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