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UK Refuses to Sign Paris ‘Peace’ Summit Declaration

TEL AVIV – In a dramatic development following the Paris peace summit on Sunday, the United Kingdom refused to sign a joint declaration calling for a two-state solution, saying the document may “harden” the Palestinian stance for negotiations.

Theresa May Leaves Downing Street To Attend A Commons Liaison Committee

MPs Urge May to Clarify Brexit Intentions

A committee of British lawmakers is urging Prime Minister Theresa May to clarify her intentions on Brexit — particularly whether she intends to keep Britain in the European Union’s large single market.


May Vows To Seek Ambitious Brexit Deal And To Work With Trump

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday she will announce details of Britain’s European Union exit plans in the next few weeks, and denied a former diplomat’s claim that the government is “muddled” about Brexit. In her first interview


Government to Revive Pledge to Cut Migrant Benefits

The British government is pledging yet again to stop European Union migrants from claiming benefits after EU officials slapped down the plans last year. Former Prime Minister David Cameron made the promise a key part of his demands while attempting