Brooks: Democrats Running on 'Bizarre Selection of Issues'

Brooks: Democrats Running on 'Bizarre Selection of Issues'

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” columnist David Brooks argued that Democrats have campaigned on “a bizarre selection of issues in 2014.

“The Democrats have had a bizarre selection of issues, it seems to me, through the last six months. Remember, for a couple of months they were talking about the Koch brothers over and over again, the Koch brothers are going do this, the Koch brothers are going to do that. And maybe that was to gin up their voter base, but, as an issue, the Koch brothers are not an issue. Most people don’t know who the Koch brothers are” he said.

Brooks then stated, “And then I think with the war on women rhetoric, I think they’ve just gone to the well too many times with that, and it was an effective issue in elections past. But, as mark said, in a lot of places, it’s just not effective anymore and I think it’s either not germane, it’s not salient to people, or they’ve just heard it too many times and the issues get stale.”

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