Donald Trump: Democrats Afflicted by ‘Ideological Sickness’

Democrats are afflicted by an “ideological sickness,” and wish to “splinter us into factions and tribes,” President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night as he launched his 2020 campaign.

Trump’s sharp criticism of the Democrats’ fervor for diversity, foreigners, and various subgroups of American society was repeated throughout the speech, alongside his repeated promise to help Americans earn good wages, stay healthy and secure.

The campaign is a political movement of “hard-working patriots who love their country …. and who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first,” he said.

Americans have a duty to protect each other, he argued, saying:

Virtually every top Democrat also now supports taxpayer-funded abortion right up to the moment of birth, ripping babies straight from the mother’s womb. Leading Democrats have even opposed measures to prevent the execution of children after birth – you saw that in Virginia. Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift from God.

“The American dream is back,” he said, adding that “wages are rising at the fastest rate in many decades … [and] they’re rising the fastest for the lowest-income Americans.”

The pointed criticism of the Democrats’ progressive favoritism was placed throughout the speech. For example, he said the 2016 election “was our chance to reclaim our government from a permanent political class that enriches itself at your expense,” and then continued:

The Democrats …. only care about their own political power … They tried to erase your vote, erase your legacy … They wanted to deny you the future that you demanded and the future that America deserves … Our radical Democrat opponents are driven by hated, prejudice and rage. They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it. Not acceptable, it’s not going to happen … Just imagine what this angry, left-wing mob would do if they were in charge of this country …


They’ve been afflicted with an ideological sickness.

The same people who threw open our borders and allowed drugs, gangs, and illegal labor to devastate our poorest American communities. Our political opponents looked down with hatred on our values and with utter disdain for the people whose lives they want to run. That’s the way they have been doing it.

The Democrat Party has become more radical, more dangerous,  and more unhinged than at any point is the modern history of our country. On no issue are Democrats become more extreme and more depraved than when it comes to border security. The Democrat agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible. It’s the greatest betrayal of the American middle class and frankly American life, our country has …. nobody has seen anything like it.

Trump also highlighted Hillary Clinton’s description of Trump’s supporters as “irredeemable” during the 2016 campaign. “I think that was worse … than ‘deplorables,'” he said.

On September 14, Breitbart News reported:

The media isn’t saying much about the most aggressive phrase in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” speech — her claim that many Americans are “irredeemable.”

“You could put half of [Donald] Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘Basket of Deplorables’ … some of those folks, they are irredeemable,” she said Sept. 9 to a laughing audience of supporters.

“Irredeemable” is a religious term, and it describes people who have died and been condemned by God to hell forever, without any hope of redemption or a return to society, said Paul Kengor, a biographer of Hillary Clinton and a professor at Grove City College, in Pennsylvania.

In secular terms, “irredeemable” is best understood as a “death penally, not just a political death penalty, but also a social death penalty” that exiles targeted people permanently outside the pale of civilization, Kengor says.

“Who is Hillary Clinton to say someone irredeemable? Jesus Christ didn’t even say it,” Kengor added.

Read the 2016 article here


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