Tom Steyer: Trump Thinks He’s Above the Law Because He’s ‘White,’ ‘Rich,’ ‘Powerful’

Spencer Platt/Getty

Presidential candidate Tom Steyer (D) believes President Donald Trump thinks he does not have to obey the law because he is “rich and powerful” and “white.”

Speaking at Philadelphia’s historic prison on Monday at the Justice Votes 2020 Town Hall event, Steyer told an audience of formerly incarcerated people that he started his impeachment campaign because he viewed Trump as a “crook” who “also happens to be a racist.”

“He believes because he is rich and powerful that he doesn’t have to obey the law,” Steyer said. “And white… and it’s not right.”

Steyer then asked: “Does anyone in this room think president obama could have done any of the things this man has done?”

The impeachment activist, who has qualified for the November debate, said “there is an assumption… of privilege here that is so deep and offensive and so wrong.”

“He’s assuming he’s privileged to be above the law,” Steyer continued, adding that the president has an “obligation to obey the laws that all of us have to obey.”


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