***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Mississippi Rally

US President Donald Trump speaks during a 'Make America Great Again' rally at Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi, on October 2, 2018. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump will hold a Friday evening rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, ahead of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election between Democrat Jim Hood and Republican Tate Reeves.

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All times eastern.

10:00 PM: After ripping the “mentally violent” members of the resistance, Trump asks how Democrats can impeach a president who did nothing wrong. Trump also says Democrats don’t seem to have Mitt Romneys but “we do.” He says though Republicans have better policies, Democrats are always more “vicious” and “united.”

9:50 PM: Trump claims “the wall is going up rapidly” and says “this is a very serious wall.” Trump says he will never apologize to “crazy Nancy” for calling MS-13 gangsters “animals.” Trump now talking about the tents and needles in the best neighborhoods of San Francisco. “Go home and fix your district,” Trump says, reminding voters that Democrats “have never been more extreme” than they are today.

9:39 PM: Trump rips Washington politicians who were disloyal to American workers. He says he’s America is “not the sucker country” anymore under his leadership and talks about how NAFTA/WTO devastated Mississippi’s manufacturing base. Trump says “nervous Nancy” doesn’t want to give Americans a victory by bringing up the USMCA trade agreement. He rips the ruling class for feeling entitled to redistribute America’s wealth all around the world. He says all that ended when he took the oath of office and says his signature line: “After years of building up foreign nations, we are building up our nation.” Trump says it is the job of the military to protect our security and not to be the “policemen of the world.”

“We did not fight them over there only to bring them over here,” Trump says, of not wanting to allow limitless refugees.

9:25 PM: Trump now rips Democrats like Stacey Abrams for wanting to give illegal immigrants more advantages and U.S. citizens and military members. Trump asks the crowd to vote for Reeves if they don’t want a far-left Democrat like Hood running the state. Trump is in disbelief that this is a “competitive race.” He now introduces Reeves, who says Democrats have disrespected Trump since the day he took office and, in doing so, “they have disrespected us.” He points out that Hood stood with “Crooked Hillary” instead of Trump.

9:05 PM: Trump now goes on a long rant defending his “perfect” phone call w the president of Ukraine. Trump says Hunter Biden knew less about energy than a six-year-old girl he points out in the audience and got millions on consulting contracts (“a payoff,” Trump says). Trump now mocking CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. Trump now goes off on a tangent and says when “Beto quit like a dog,” he told his wife that running for president isn’t easy. Trump now rips the media for protecting the Bidens, not showing the infamous golfing picture, etc. He mocks the Washington Post for their “scholar” headline about al-Baghdadi. Trump says if he were a Democrat, they would be talking about this for weeks but they play it down because he’s Trump. He asks if anyone has seen a story disappear so fast..

Going back to Biden, Trump says “it’s disgraceful that the press doesn’t cover for what it is… it’s a payoff.” Trump says China does not like him and likes the corrupt Bidens.

8:55 PM: Trump says Democrats are melting down because Joe Biden’s “corruption” is being called out just like they self destructed when Hillary Clinton’s corruption was called out. Crowd chants: “Lock Her Up.” Trump says he doesn’t know who Tulsi Gabbard is but “she’s not an agent of Russia.” Trump says these are “very bad” and “very dishonest people” and “the  media is worse than all of them.” He keeps railing against the “preposterous hoax” Democrats are now trying to peddle. Trump now goes off on “crazy Arnold” who failed hosting the Apprentice. He says Obama worked harder to defeat him than “Crooked Hillary” and talks about how he defeated the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, and the “Barack Hussein Obama dynasty.” He accuses Clinton of trying to take him out with “lying, spying and the leaking,” and “we are kicking their ass.” He says in the “delusional Democrat fantasy, I’m now supposed to be afraid of someone called 1% Joe,” who Obama “brought out of the trash heap.” Trump says Biden has gotten “slower and slower” and “we’ll have the lowest-rated debates in history” if Biden gets the nomination.

Trump now mocks Beto, “that poor bastard.” He says he was “pathetic” and mocks his “flailing arms.” He mocks Beto for saying he was “born” to run and says “he made a total fool out of himself.”

Trump says he came out of Texas as a “hot political property” and is going back “cold.” He says Beto was “against religion,” and “you having a gun” and “he was against oil.” Trump says that’s “not a good combination” in the state of Texas. Trump says “hopefully we won’t be  hearing about him for a long time.”

8:52 PM: Trump praises Republicans for sticking with him, saying Republicans are more unified than ever.  Trump says they are coming after him and the GOP because he is fighting for the people. He says his opponents haven’t figured out how he won and know they can’t beat him in 2020. Trump says they are thinking, “We’ve got to impeach him because we can’t beat him.” Trump says the media, Democrats and the deep state “are desperate to stop us.” Trump says he’s draining the swamp and nothing terrifies Democrats than having their “spying” exposed.

8:51 PM: Trump says “yesterday Democrats voted to potentially nullify” the votes of 63 million Americans. Trump says they have been plotting to “overthrow” the election since he won.

8:50 PM: Trump says Democrats want to turn America into a country “you would not recognize” and “we are the ones standing in their way” and “we will never get out of their way.”


Trump says corrupt politicians Nancy Pelosi and “shifty” Adam Schiff and the media are continuing with the “deranged impeachment witch hunt” that they wanted since he got elected.

Trump says “impeachment” is a “dirty word.” Trump says his support is at record levels because his voters want to defend him from impeachment.

8:47: PM: Trump says Democrats have gone “completely insane” while Republicans are creating jobs and killing terrorists.

8:45 PM: Crowd chants “USA!” after Trump talks about capturing the “number one terrorist” in the world. Trump says al-Baghdadi was a “savage” and a “soulless monster” and now his “reign of terror is over.” Trump said America’s special forces ended his “wretched life” and “punched out his ticket to hell.”

Trump says he spent his last moments on earth trembling in fear of America’s warriors. Trump says no enemy stands a chance against the “righteous might” of the U.S. military. Trump says America is winning again and is “respected again” all over the world.

8:42 PM: Trump gives an Elvis shoutout in Mississippi. Trump urges voters to elect Reeves on Tuesday to continue the good economic times. He talks up another all-time stock market high under his administration and the lowest unemployment in Mississippi’s history. Crowd chants “four more years!” Trump also talk up his record of confirming federal judges (182 judges) to uphold the Constitution.

8:39 PM: Trump takes the stage to get the rally started.

8:05 PM: Trump not yet at the arena. Running a little behind. People who waited days to see Trump still full of energy.

7:45 PM: Crowd packed (10,000+) at BancorpSouth Arena as they await the Main Event:



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