***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Michigan Rally

US President Donald Trump arrives to address supporters during a campaign rally at Manchester - Boston Regional Airport in Londonderry, New Hampshire, August 28, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a Thursday evening rally in Freeland, Michigan.

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8:50 PM: Another enthusiastic Trump rally. Overflow crowd bigger than attendance at Biden events

8:35 PM: Trump says we need to take back the country from “people that don’t love our country.”

8:30 PM: Trump tells Michigander that America will be the manufacturing super power of the world and end its reliance on China while growing America’s wages with fair trade deals. Crowd cheers loudly when Trump promises to “ban sanctuary cities.”

8:27 PM: Trump says instead of letting Washington change them, they are changing Washington.

8:25 PM: Trump says just like Pelosi, Whitmer is a hypocrite whose family plays by a different set of rules. He rips her husband for trying to get his boat in the water while businesses were going bankrupt due to the shut downs.

8:22 PM: Trump says Biden wants to “belittle the vaccine” so the Trump administration doesn’t get credit for it. He rips Biden’s “dangerous anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.”

8:19 PM: Trump reminds voters Biden was wrong on almost everything, including opposing taking out bin Laden and the killing of Soleimani.

8:17 PM: Trump rips all of the people who have stuck the country into “endless wars” for “sand and blood” for criticizing him for getting along with Putin, Xi, Abe, and Kim Jong-Un.

8:15 PM: Trump says Israel and the UAE will sign the peace deal at the White House next week. Trump says the networks didn’t cover that he got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize that he has coveted. Trump says he is not saying this “out of ego.”

8:10 PM: Trump, after citing the Space Force, says “we did more in 47 months” and Biden did in 47 years. He says a lot what he did was “destroy” the “horrible things” the Obama-Biden administration did like the Iran nuclear deal. He says law enforcement should take a look at how they sent so much cash to the Iranians.

8:09 PM: Trump claims he didn’t give away classified information when he revealed to Bob Woodward that the United States had nuclear capabilities that Russia and China don’t have.

8:07 PM: Trump says there is no area where his opponents have betrayed the working class than on immigration. Trump says he has ended catch and release and asylum fraud while deporting more than 20,000 vicious illegal immigrant gang members.

8:05 PM: Trump says Democrats opposed to his trade deals “don’t love” the country before saying Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China while his is made in the United States.

8:02 PM: Trump says it was like an “avalanche of companies leaving our country” before he became president. Trump says Biden wants to get rid of the tariffs to let China continue its pillaging. Trump says China never paid America anything before he became president. Trump says he gave some of that tariff money back to the farmers because China targeted them.

8:00 PM: Trump says Washington vultures like Biden ripped apart America’s towns and China will own the United States if Biden is elected president.

7:58 PM: Trump says Hunter’s first name is “where” and mocks him for being a brilliant guy for taking millions from multiple countries without any experience. Trump says China’s military got another piece of America’s manufacturing might and Biden’s family “made a lot of money on it.” He now rips Hunter for getting millions from Ukrainian companies without having any experience in the energy industry.

7:56 PM: Trump says Biden decided to get out of the basement and come to Michigan because Trump is doing well in the polls. He rips Biden for backing NAFTA, and he says “Joe Hiden’s” campaign is “giving him hell” for admitting that Trump’s USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Trump says he has the distinct pleasure of running against the worse presidential candidate in the history of politics.

“Could you imagine if I lost to him?” Trump asks. “Don’t do that to me, Michigan.”

7:55 PM: Trump says before the virus, his administration added over 200 new auto and auto-parts plants. Trump is surprised it says “200” on the Teleprompter because he didn’t think his administration added that many plants. “I thought it was a much lower number,” Trump says. He says they have no choice with 200.

7:52 PM: Trump says he has spent the last four years trying to reverse 47 years of Biden’s failed policies. He says Biden supported the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have been a “death sentence” for American auto jobs. He also talks about the “chicken tax” on light trucks and says Biden wanted to support the South Korean deal that would have ruined the truck industry.

7:49 PM: Trump praises Senate candidate John James as a future star and says he has no idea who his incumbent opponent even is.

7:43 PM: Trump says Biden wants to protect Black lives, but his radical policies will cut short the lives of thousands of young African-Americans. He says if Biden is elected, you’ll have crime like never before. He rips Biden from accepting the endorsement of Portland’s district attorney who lets rioters back on the street. Trump says Biden wants to appease domestic terrorists while he wants to lock them up.

He says if Biden is elected, the far-left radicals will be running the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department, and the Supreme Court.

Trump says “your vote will save America.”

7:42 PM: Trump now going back to the law and order theme, saying he will support the heroes of law enforcement. Trump says he doesn’t think there is any law enforcement officer who is against him.

7:41 PM: When the crowd chants that they love Trump, he kids and says to stop saying that because he may start to cry and ruin his image.

7:40 PM: Trump says cities run by Republicans are doing very well while those run by Democrats are filled with rioters.

7:38 PM: Trump says Democrats want to erase borders and indoctrinate kids with poisonous anti-American lies in the schools.

7:36 PM: Trump says Democrats want to delay the vaccine and destroy your suburbs. He asks the crowd if they want Antifa members in their suburbs. He says he won’t allow that to happen. “The suburbs are the American Dream,” Trump says, then saying he has protected the suburbs.

7:35 PM: Trump says Dem. governors are not opening up states for “political reason.” Trump says Michigan needs a governor that lets Michigan play Big Ten football.

7:33 PM: After saying Biden is controlled by “AOC plus three” and the “super libs,” Trump says he convinced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to get car plants to come to Michigan and says they better vote for him because he brought back so many plants.

7:28 PM: Trump promises a “safe and effective” vaccine by the end of the year. He claims there will be a vaccine soon.

7:27 PM: Trump now getting ready to commentate on Biden’s CNN interview as the Pundit-in-Chief. Trump says Biden conceded in the interview that the USMCA is better than NAFTA. Trump says Biden made a “mistake” from his standpoint because “he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

7:26 PM: Trump says the left wants to get rid of him so they can come after his supporters.

7:24 PM: Trump says Biden also wants to eliminate borders and “flood your state with refugees” from “terrorists hot spots” from around the world like Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Trump says Biden and Bernie want a 700 percent increase. He says Biden has also pledged to terminate national security travel bans and will overwhelm the state with Jihadi refugees and others during a pandemic. Crowd chants: “Build the wall!”

7:23 PM: Trump says he is running to keep jobs in Michigan. He says before the China plague, we had the greatest economy in the  history of the world. “And now we’re building it again,” Trump says, again referring to the “super V” recovery. Trump says the future doesn’t belong to China and, “if we win, America wins.”

7:21 PM: Trump claims he has seen polls that show him up in Michigan. He then praises GOP Senate candidate John James after spotting him in the crowd.

7:20 PM: Trump, sensing the crowd’s enthusiasm, says this is not the crowd of someone who comes in second place. He says he felt the same energy in 2016 when 30,000 people showed up to his rallies in Michigan.

7:17 PM: Crowd greets Trump with “USA!” chants. Trump tells the crowd: “We’ve brought you a lot of car plants.” Trump promises a lot more. Trump tells the crowd that this is the most important election in the history of the country. He reminds the crowd that Biden has devoted his career to outsourcing Michigan’s jobs. Crowd boos loudly. He says Biden has been a globalist sellout for half a century. He says Biden has surrendered the country’s jobs to China and he wants to surrender the country to the mob. Trump says if Biden wins, China, rioters, arsonists, and the flag-burners win. Trump says he wouldn’t worry about it because he’s not going to win.

7:15 PM: Crowd fired up for Trump.

7:05 PM: Air Force One has landed, and the rally will start shortly.

6:45 PM: Another packed crowd awaits Trump. Air Force One expected to land soon at MBS International Airport.

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Trump has ground to make up in the state just like in 2016:


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