***Live Updates*** Day 3: 2020 Election Results

PROVO, UT - NOVEMBER 6: Thousands of ballots sit in boxes as Utah County election workers
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Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates of the 2020 presidential election.

President Donald Trump and former Vice Presiden Joe Biden are battling over Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

All times Eastern.

1:35 AM: Georgia:

12:45 AM: Pennsylvania:

12:35 AM:

12:25 AM: Georgia:

11:50 PM: Nevada:

11:26 PM: Arizona:

11:19 PM: Pennsylvania: Ridge endorsed Biden.

11:10 PM: Georgia: “Risk-limiting audit” on Friday.

11:05 PM: Georgia:

10:59 PM: Georgia:

10:15 PM: Georgia:

10:10 PM:

9:50 PM: Arizona:

9:06 PM: Arizona tightening:

9:05 PM: Georgia

8:59 PM: Pennsylvania:

8:55 PM: Georgia:

8:41 PM:

8:35 PM:

8:15 PM: GOP more confident about North Carolina.

8:10 PM:

8:05 PM: Biden:

7:55 PM: Arizona: Republicans getting more optimistic. Trending in favor of Trump.


7:50 PM: Nevada:

7:30 PM: Georgia:

7:25 PM: Georgia:

7:20 PM: Described as an “obese turtle” who wants to take the country down with him.

7:10 PM:

7:05 PM: Georgia:

7:03 PM:

6:59 PM: Geogia:

6:51 PM: MSNBC apparently cut away from Trump’s speech:

6:46 PM: Speaking at the White House, Trump claims he “easily” wins if  you count the “legal votes.” He’s talking about winning swing states like Florida and Ohio even though the media and Big Tech were against him. He speaks about defending the Senate. He says he won the largest share of non-white voters for a Republican in 60 years and grew the GOP. He says Democrats are the party of big donors and Big Tech and Republicans are the party of workers. He is ripping the “suppression polls” that he says were used against him leading up to the election. Trump speaking out against attempts to “rig” the election against him. Trump says Democrats knew they couldn’t win without rigging the election and he is speaking about the “corruption” in Detroit and Philadelphia. Trump says his campaign has been denied access to observe in critical places in Georgia. Trump says he think he is going to win the election after “a lot of litigation” because he can’t have an election stolen. Trump says cases could go to the “highest court in the land.” Trump says he is hearing “horror stories” and says he is for counting “legal votes.”

6:45 PM: Pennsylvania:

6:39 PM: Pennsylvania:

6:25 PM: Big Tech:

5:55 PM: Trump expected to speak at 6:30 PM ET.

5:50 PM: Pennsylvania:

5:45 PM: Michigan: John James refuses to concede.

5:35 PM: Pennsylvania: Boockvar on provisional ballots. No estimate given yet.

5:30 PM: Pennsylvania: Boockvar says the the integrity of the state’s vote is “unparalleled.”

5:25 PM: Pennsylvania:

5:20 PM: Georgia:

5:10 PM: Arizona: More results expected at 9 PM ET.

4:50 PM: Arizona:

4:22 PM: Biden, speaking from Delaware, says he and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) just got back from a briefing on the economy and COVID. Biden says every vote has to count because the vote is sacred. He says democracy can be messy and urges calm.



4:15 PM:

4:10 PM: Georgia:

3:45 PM: Georgia:

3:10 PM: Georgia:

2:55 PM: Wisconsin:


2:45 PM: Arizona:

2:30 PM: Georgia:


2:20 PM: Pennsylvania:

1:59 PM: Nevada:

1:55 PM: Pennsylvania:

1:20 PM: Nevada: Gloria says the goal in Clark County is “not to count fast,” but to be “accurate.” He says they will count 51,000 ballots today, and those ballots will be reported 1 PM ET tomorrow.

1:15 PM: Georgia:

12:50 PM: Michigan:

12:45 PM: Georgia:

12:35 PM: Pennsylvania:

12:20 PM: Georgia: Perdue vs. Ossoff:

12:15 PM: Nevada: Biden gets a few more votes.

11:40 AM: Pennsylvania:

11:20 AM:

10:45 AM: Georgia:

10:30 AM: Georgia: Two runoffs probable.

10:05 AM: Georgia:

10:00 AM: Nevada:

9:25 AM: Georgia:

8:55 AM: Georgia: CNN reporting there are around 50,000 ballots left to count.

8:30 AM: Georgia:

8:15 AM: Georgia: Results expected around 11 AM:

7:46 AM: Georgia:

7:39 AM: Pennsylvania:

6:55 AM:

6:45 AM:

6:35 AM: Pennsylvania:

6:30 AM: Georgia: More results expected in the morning:

6:20 AM: Biden campaign also lawyering up for court challenges:

6:10 AM: Arizona: More results expected tonight:


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