CBP Commissioner: Joe Biden’s Border Policy Signals Open Borders to Migrants, Drug Cartels, Traffickers

A demonstrator holds a Mexican flag as others hang banners from the border fence during a

In an interview with Fox and Friends, Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan said on Wednesday that the incoming Biden administration’s policies on border security and the border wall signal that America’s borders will be open to illegal migrants, drug cartels, and traffickers.

President Donald Trump has promised to complete 450 miles of wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico by the end of the calendar year, but President-elect Joe Biden has said he will not build “one more foot” of the wall.

“That’s very disturbing,”  Morgan said.

“Right now, if you look at what the Biden administration’s policies are going to be, it’s not just about stopping the construction of the border wall,” Morgan said. “It’s about providing amnesty to millions of people.”

He said Biden may even reverse the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention’s (CDC) order to immediately return illegal border crossers back to their country of origin to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“That is not an immigration strategy, mark my words,” Morgan said. “That is an open border strategy.”

“And the cartels and human smugglers already see that loud and clear and are already fueling perceptions that with a change in administrations, our borders are going to be wide open,” Morgan said. “It is absolutely increasing illegal immigration right today.”

As for stopping the wall’s construction, Morgan said that would cost taxpayers “billions” of dollars to cancel contracts and walk away from the massive stockpile of steel and concrete already purchased for the project.

Morgan said because Congress has failed to legislate immigration reform, Trump has had to do much of his border security reform through executive order. And as president, Biden could reverse all of Trump’s accomplishments.

“And if he does that, I’m predicting right here on this show. If they do what they promise they’re going to do … you will see another crisis on our border, and it will pale in comparison to what we saw last year,” Morgan said, referring to the border crisis of thousands of migrants in caravans trying to gain entry into the United States.

As Breitbart News reported, Morgan has been making the media rounds to warn against Biden’s policies.

Breitbart News reported even the pro-migration New York Times is acknowledging Joe Biden’s policies are encouraging poor people to come to the United States.

“If there is a perception of more-humane policies, you are likely to see an increase of arrivals at the border,” T. Alexander Aleinikoff, the director of the New York-based Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, told the NYT in a December 13 report, titled “As Biden Prepares to Take Office, a New Rush at the Border.”

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