A.B. Sanderson

A B Sanderson has ten years experience working in EU politics both in Brussels and Strasbourg and here in the UK.

Children Take To Amsterdam Streets To Demand White Classmates

Two schools in the Netherlands have resorted to knocking door-to-door to get white children to sign up in order to prevent their closure, blaming segregation in the Dutch education system. Around 100 youngsters from Arab, Turkish and African backgrounds were


SNP Already On The Offensive Over Slim Conservative Majority

Alex Salmond has already predicted failure for the new Conservative government only days after it was swept to power by the unexpected majority. The new MP for Gordon says Mr Cameron will have trouble legislating his manifesto pledges, especially on


The In/Out Referendum: Cameron Still Faces A Battle In Brussels

David Cameron will stick to his promise to hold an In/Out referendum on Britain’s EU membership following his victory at the polls. The Conservatives pledged to hold a vote in 2017 after they had renegotiated Britain’s terms of membership should

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Battle Lines Drawn As Farage Snubs Nuttall As Interim Leader

Nigel Farage only resigned as UKIP leader yesterday but already the camps are digging in for the race to become the party’s next leader. Emotions are high following Farage’s disappointing second position in South Thanet which resulted in him stepping down from


UKIP Cement Power Base In North East But Fail To Take Great Grimsby

GRIMSBY, United Kingdom – UKIP have demonstrated that they are not just the party of dissatisfied Conservatives as the results in North East England show large swings to Nigel Farage’s party. With results declared in Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South


UKIP Candidate Missed Off Ballot Papers

Darlington Council is under fire for leaving off the name of the UKIP candidate on a number of the ballot papers. David Hodgson was missing from 89 ballot papers in the Harrowgate Hill ward of Darlington and was only made

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) arrives to vote in Ramsgate. (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

French Boules Match Descends Into Violence

Seven people were arrested in south western France when a regional boules match descended into a mass brawl. The Aquitaine pétanque championships ended in chaos and the referee suffered a blow to the head after one of the players became annoyed by


Japanese Zoo Apologises For Calling Baby Monkey Charlotte

A Japanese zoo has bowed to pressure and opted not to name a baby monkey Charlotte, after the newest arrival to the British royal family. The Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Gardens in Oita Prefecture, southern Japan invited visitors to vote for


Watch Out For Higher Prices As EU Votes On Carbon Credits

MEPs have voted for an increase in the price of carbon credits. This will push up the cost of energy and fuel and drive up prices across the market, Reuters report. In a deal agreed on Tuesday, the European Commission,

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Expat Voters Furious About Missing Chance To Cast Their Ballot

British expats hoping to vote in tomorrow’s General Election will be unable to as ballot papers have not been sent out in time. Despite senior politicians, including David Cameron and Boris Johnson, urging Brits abroad to use their vote, reports

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UK’s Sacred Cow NHS Amongst Worst In Developed World

A damning report on the state of health services in countries across the world has shown the National Health Service to be well behind other wealthy countries. Research by the Economist Intelligence Unit showed the UK has fewer doctors, nurses,


Asylum Seekers Rescued By Navy Could Apply To Stay In UK

Plans for the Royal Navy to take part in rescue operations in the Mediterranean have been put on hold after confusion over asylum rights and international law. HMS Bulwark was due to join other EU vessels taking part in search


Man Punched In Face By Thugs For Supporting UKIP

A man in Dorset has been hurt after he was attacked by five men because of the UKIP poster in his garden. Mark Smith was punched in the face by thugs who objected to the 8ft by 4ft poster on


No Retreat: Juncker Tightens Grip Around Neck Of EU In Face Of Reform

The single currency is “irreversible” and freedom of movement within the EU a “basic principle” the European Commission President has said. Jean Claude Juncker told an audience in Belgium that an ailing Greece must stay in the eurozone or “the

Wind your neck in, Farage says Juncker should stay out of EU debate.

Greece Starts Preparing For Eurozone Exit

Greek authorities have started preparing for a possible Eurozone exit with contracts being drawn up for “payments in euros or any national Greek currency” as the government admitted yesterday the country was broke. Since the Syriza government was elected to power,

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Farage: ‘No Talks and No Coalition’

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has demanded a vote on the UK’s membership of the EU this year, as well as significant deficit reduction plans in order for his party to support a minority government. However, he ruled out joining any


Senior Tories Set To Meet Friday To Discuss Coalition

Tory MPs have planned talks for the party’s response to the election results 1600BST on Friday, 8th May. According to the Spectator, the powerful 1922 committee will meet the afternoon after polling day to draw up their list of demands


It’s A Girl!

Kensington Palace have announced that the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a baby girl at 0834hrs this morning. The baby, which weighed 8lb 3 oz, will be fourth in line to the throne. The Queen, the Prince of Wales and other

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Noel Gallagher Brands Ed Miliband a ‘F***ing Communist’

Ed Miliband’s campaign took another bashing last night when former Oasis front man and New Labour supporter Noel Gallagher called him a “f***ing communist”. In an interview with Alan Carr on his ‘Chatty Man’ programme Gallagher, said he hadn’t fallen out

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Duchess of Cambridge Goes Into Labour

The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital at 0600BST this morning in the early stages of labour. She was accompanied by her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. This was about the same time as she arrived at the

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Farage Receives Election Support From Unlikely Quarter

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has received support from an unlikely quarter as he bids to be the MP for South Thanet. Tweeting from Strasbourg yesterday, where MEPs gathered to discuss the crisis in the Mediterranean, he told his followers that


The BBC and UKIP go to War in South Thanet

An official complaint has been made to Kent Police about the contents of a BBC One programme broadcast during the election period. Senior advisers to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage have reported the prime time show ‘Have I Got News For

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Green Candidate Says Young People Should Work On Small Farms

A Green candidate has announced her party’s plans for stopping the flight of young workers to big cities by calling for high speed broadband – and small farms. Speaking on the BBC’s Look North election special  Dr Vicky Dunn, the


The 319 Misbehaving Councillors You WON’T Have Heard About On The BBC

Campaigning website Nope, Not Hope have published details of 319 councillors from Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who have been involved with the police over criminal activity or investigated for their behaviour. The document lists all 319 Lib Dem, Labour