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Bank of England Confirms Immigration Is Depressing UK Wages

The Bank of England has confirmed wages are being held down due to increasing levels of migration. The admission comes despite claims from politicians that the recent influx of foreign workers has benefited workers. The bank’s governor, Mark Carney, said the increase

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Tim Farron: Lib Dems In ‘Fight Of Our Lives’

The Liberal Democrats are in a desperate fight for survival according to Tim Farron. The former Lib Dem president is campaigning to become leader of the party in the wake of its disastrous showing at the general election. On his website Farron

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New Labour Leader May Only Last Two Years

The new Labour leader may only last “two or three” years because the party would drop anyone they believed was unable to win the election, according to Damian McBride. The former Labour spin doctor said the party had picked “two


UKIP Deny National Committee Dissented Over Farage Return

UKIP Party Chairman, Steve Crouther, has denied allegations reported by Breitbart London that elements of the party’s National Executive were unhappy about Nigel Farage remaining leader. Mr Farage had resigned after failing to take South Thanet but on Monday the

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) arrives to vote in Ramsgate. (REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett)

Farage Forced Through Leadership Confirmation

Nigel Farage is believed to have forced UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to refuse his resignation despite opposition to the plan. Breitbart London understands he considered reneging on his commitment to resign before he even made the announcement on Friday.


Irn-Bru For You: Parliamentary Bars Fill Up As SNP Invades Westminster

The Scottish National Party’s 56 newly-elected MPs hit the bars of the Palace of Westminster after arriving for their photo-call with Nicola Sturgeon yesterday. Both the Strangers’ Bar and the Sports And The Social Club stood four deep as the newbies

56 Mps

Knives out for Miliband’s strategy as Labour urges new approach

The Labour Party must return to the political centre ground and acknowledge the aspirations of millions of voters it ignored in its election campaign, senior figures said on Sunday, as the party’s crushing defeat hit home. The Conservatives, who during

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UKIP Would Have Won 83 Seats Under Fair Electoral System

Research has shown UKIP would have won 83 seats in the general election under proportional representation. Despite securing around 3.8m votes the party had a disastrous night as they failed to take any of their target seats. The poor showing was compounded

Nigel Farage applauds UKIP council success in Thanet

David Cameron Wins Election And Forms Majority Government

David Cameron has won the 2015 general election and HM The Queen has invited him to form a majority administration. At 10pm on Thursday night the exit poll was the first indication the Conservatives had done a lot better than

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Listen: David Cameron’s Acceptance Speech in Oxfordshire

David Cameron made an acceptance speech at his count in Oxford in which he said he hoped he would continue as Prime Minister. The Tory leader is now believed to be flying to London ahead of the final result. It

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Land of Hope And TORY: Cameron On Course To Win General Election

Tory election guru, Lynton Crosby, was reportedly playing Land of Hope And Glory whilst waving a Union Flag at campaign HQ as it looked increasingly likely David Cameron had won the 2015 general election. The night started with an exit

David Cameron

General Election 2015 Live Blog

Welcome to the Breitbart London general election 2015 live blog. We’re expecting a fascinating night as both major parties went into today tied. UKIP are hoping for a result that comes somewhere near the party’s record-high poll numbers and the

Polling station workers place signs outside a polling station in Islington, in readiness for voting in Britain's general election, in London (REUTERS/Peter Nicholls)

EU Demands BBC Is Available Free To Every European

Every EU citizen could have access to the BBC without having to pay the license fee under plans being considered by Brussels. According to the Daily Express European bureaucrats are planning to allow Brits on holiday to be able to

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WATCH: Proclaimers Back Nicola Sturgeon And The SNP

Scottish pop duo, The Proclaimers, have given their backing to the Scottish National Party. The twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid today said they were impressed by Sturgeon’s “sincerity and humanity”. The pair became famous with their 1987 number three

The Proclaimers

Party Leaders In Final Push As Polls Show Tories And Labour Tied

LANCASTER, United Kingdom – The Conservatives and Labour are still tied as the election enters its final 48 hours, forcing party leaders to redouble their efforts to break the deadlock. The latest YouGov survey for The Sun put the Conservatives

Ballot Box UK Election Reuters

Senior Conservatives Split On UKIP Response

BOLTON, United Kingdom – Splits in the Conservative Party over how to deal with UKIP were once again exposed today as senior figures gave contradictory messages on the party’s position. While the Bow Group told members to vote for Nigel

REUTERS/Toby Melville

Oldest Tory Think Tank Endorses UKIP

The Conservative Party’s oldest think tank, the Bow Group, has endorsed UKIP in seats the Tories cannot win. The Bow Group’s chairman, Ben Harris-Quinney, made the announcement in an email to the group’s 10,000 members on Monday. Mr Harris-Quinney admitted


Post-Mortem Begins As Miliband Goes Into Marginal Seat ‘Free Fall’

Rossendale, UNITED KINGDOM – The post-mortem on Ed Miliband’s leadership has already started as both the Guardian and Labour Uncut run articles attacking him. The two left-wing news outlets are close to Labour HQ and officially back the party, but this

ed miliband tomb stone

Lib Dems Claim Cameron Admitted He Won’t ‘Win A Majority’

Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM – David Cameron has angrily denied claims from the Liberal Democrats that he has admitted he will not secure a majority at the election. The Lib Dem peer Lord (Paul) Scriven took to Twitter earlier today saying

Prime Minister David Cameron listens to Secretary of State William Hague address supporters during an event in Lincoln

Top Ten Responses To Miliband’s Stone Tablet Gimmick

Today Ed Miliband put his key campaign pledges on a stone tablet, sadly this did not get the intended response. Social media filled up with hundreds of new, and improved versions of the photo.  Breitbart London thought we should bring

ed miliband tomb stone

Minister: Asian MP In Enoch Powell’s Seat Vital To Tory Change Agenda

Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM – The Asian candidate in Wolverhampton South West is leading a change in the “relationship” between the immigrant communities and the Conservative Party according to Nick Boles. The Skills Minister told a rally at a DIY store

Enoch Powell

Watch: Tory Candidate Raps To Engage Russell Brand Generation

Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM – A Conservative candidate has recorded a rap song in an effort to engage young people in Thursday’s election. Cllr Zahid Shah described himself as a rival to Russell Brand, but with the advantage of being able to talk

cllr shah