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Capitalist Confronts #OccupyLA

Something amazing happened at the Occupy LA rally the other night. Who knew a capitalist would confront the people at the Occupy LA Rally. Also funny to see that so many of the Occupy LA crowd would support Herman Cain

Another Insult to Ronald Reagan and His Memory

Of all the political figures in history, Ronald Reagan is the target of the most contempt by people on the left. Reagan, through his personality, vision and actions is the one person who has done more to undermine the flimsy

Why Leftists And Muslim Fanatics Can't Coexist With America and Israel

Conservatives are logical people that ask logical questions about themselves, of themselves and about the world around them. A great failing of conservative thought on a mass scale is an inability to understand non-conservatives, or more specifically, anti-conservatives. These are

Images: Ground Zero On the Battlefield of Ideas

Images have power. Propaganda and marketing are based on the power of the image and the thoughts and feelings that the image conveys. A photo op pulled off well can make a politician’s career. A photo op done badly will

Henry Waxman AWOL on NEA and ACORN

I am running for Congress for the seat currently held by Henry Waxman and the events of the past week give me the opportunity to highlight the differences in ideas and actions between Congressman Waxman and Myself. So, what would

Henry Waxman Votes Against Defunding ACORN

Henry Waxman, who for most of his years in Congress has fancied himself a crusader against corruption in government, voted against a House bill that cut all federal funds to the embattled group ACORN. ACORN has been involved in a

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To a Town Hall Meeting

Imagine the glee I felt when I heard that my wonderfully approachable (yeah, right) Congressman, Henry Waxman, was making a rare visit on August 21st to the district he represents. He wants to hear from us, his loyal constituents, at

Hollywood Deserves Better Than Henry Waxman

My Name is Ari David Many of you have read my blogs. I have been a producer, writer and stand up comedian in LA for about 10 years. I am now taking on a new project by running for Congress

Terror Pictures, Torture Pictures: Follow Up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Subject: Declassified Water Boarding Photos. Is it torture? You decide. A citizen of Siam (Thailand) was recently captured on American soil with trace amounts of an unknown chemical agent. Due to homeland security policy, the foreign national

Terror Pictures, Torture Pictures

Declassification of the torture memos was big news a couple of weeks ago, with the glaring omission of what terror attacks were prevented by the water boarding. The news media did not seem to care though. Instead of “moving on”

Obama's Weakness Endangers Us All

North Korea has taken two American journalists prisoner and charged them with committing “hostile acts” against the regime. Countries like North Korea, which are the pinnacle of tyranny in the modern world, commit atrocities all the time. What they don’t

I Despair

America has had both good and bad presidents. We have survived and prospered under both types because we are a blessed land of freedom and plenty. The election of Barack Obama is not something I wished to see happen but