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Barr: Regulatory Tyranny of Andrew Cuomo Targets NRA

Cuomo’s ongoing crusade against the National Rifle Association presents a textbook example of how a governor can employ the regulatory tools at his disposal, to punish an otherwise lawful organization against which he harbors deep animosity.

President Bill Clinton during his 1999 deposition, and a young Brett Kavanaugh testifying a few years after he worked on Independent Counsel Ken Starr's investigation.

Barr: Unseal the Clinton Impeachment Files Now

Why is this important today, 20 years after the impeachment? Because Schumer and other Democrats will charge that Kavanaugh, as an attorney working with the Independent Counsel, engaged in a purely partisan campaign against Clinton, designed for the sole purpose of impeaching a despised president.

A sign calling for a ban on assault type weapons is held at a vigil for the worst mass shooing in United States history on June 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, United States. A gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida early …

Exclusive — Barr: The ‘Assault Weapon’ Mirage

There are certain words and terms in the English language that carry negative connotations and conjure unfavorable images in peoples’ minds, regardless of the facts or contexts in which the terms are used. One such term is “assault weapon.”

Eric Holder Must Investigate Sentencing Disparities

A few months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder took an important step in ensuring that all men are treated equally under our legal system. In a memorandum to federal prosecutors, he noted that those who commit similar crimes in different

Hollywood Studios' Fight With RealDVD Is Counter Productive

Last week, I listened to a speech at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, presented by Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. I was enthralled by Brook’s eloquent and forceful defense of the free market. In this

'Cool Cars' Guaranteed To Make You Hot Under The Collar

I admit it. I like electronic gizmos. When I’m not driving (and even sometimes when I am), my BlackBerry is never more than an index finger away. In the car, I can’t go a mile without scanning for an Old