What A Friend We Have in Afghanistan

This would be a good time to remember there is a world of difference between finding and destroying al-Qaeda and the Taliban and remaking a tribal society in our image. For one thing, accomplishing the former while passing up the latter is far less expensive in terms of American blood and treasure. The report below originates with the leftist, anti-war, anti-Zionist BBC. Lend it as much credence as you see fit. From my view, though, it’s more bad news for naïve American true-believers who keep assuring us that [name of backward society goes here] “is just like you and me” – despite abundant evidence to the contrary. Coming on the heels of a recent WSJ story revealing serious abuses at Afghanistan’s leading military hospital, an unflattering picture of our Afghan allies begins to emerge. At least for those who have eyes to see.

BBC: Afghan prisoner torture fears in UN report

There are concerns that in some areas, Afghan security forces cannot be trusted.

The Nato-led mission in Afghanistan is considering suspending the transfer of detainees to several Afghan jails, following allegations of widespread torture, the BBC has learned.

The accusations came in an as-yet unpublished UN report, which describes how prisoners were beaten and in some cases given electric shocks. It accuses some police commanders of running secret jails. The jails are run by the Afghan police and intelligence service.

The international mission has met with National Directorate of Security (NDS) chiefs and warned them that it may stop transferring prisoners in seven provinces including Khost in the south-east, Takhar in the north and Herat in the West.

In Uruzgan and Kunduz provinces, transfers of prisoners to the police may be stopped because of similar worries of mistreatment. The transfer of prisoners in restive Kandahar province has already ended. One official from the International Stabilisation and Assistance Force (Isaf) described this as a major setback.

Full article here.


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