Dan Friedman

Why Are The Arabs Stiffing 'Palestine'?

In his latest post on his Council on Foreign Relations blog, Middle East expert Elliott Abrams says “the Palestinian Authority is nearly broke and cannot meet its payroll… It is solely because Arab states are not paying up…” It’s time

Norwegian Terrorist: Just What Was He Thinking?

Richard Starr of The Weekly Standard has uncovered The Manifesto Behind the Horror in Norway. Starr writes, “The Norwegian terrorist seems to have penned a long Unabomber-style manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Indpendence,” which can be downloaded, for now

On Israel, U.S. Christians Pinch Hitting For Jews

On Israel, we have a sharply divided Jewish community dominated by liberals and leftists who are flirting with, encouraging, or married to, Obama’s dangerous brand of anti-Zionism. That means Christian Zionists are left with the job that Jews are meant

Norway's 9/11?

Norway has a big Muslim problem. Before long we should know if Norway’s problem has just blown up in its face. Just in from Reuters Bomb Blast rocks government buildings in Oslo, Norway July 22 – A huge explosion wrecks

Israel's Struggle Is Not A War Of Words

I disagree with the proposition that Israel’s problems with the “international community” can be ameliorated by slicker, more professional hasbara (PR), because that presupposes hatred for Jews, and the Jewish state, can be corrected if only reasonable people among the

Upheaval in Syria, Somnolence in The White House

Events in Syria are moving at an increasingly rapid pace, perhaps reaching critical mass. But you have to wonder whether Obama & Co. has been caught napping. If there is a country in the Arab world where trying to shape

If Only Words Could Kill (Better Than IEDs)

This Washington Times editorial highlights some tough words from new defense chief Leon Paneta regarding Iran’s material support for terrorists in Iraq. “We are very concerned about Iran and the weapons they are providing to extremists here in Iraq… We’re

Arab World Gives Obama Thumbs Down: Poll

Arab world opinion of the U.S. and President Obama … has dropped to an all time low. —dailycaller.com, 7/14/2011 This has to be understood for what it is: With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the Arabs had every reason

US Aid to PLO/Hamas in Jeopardy; BHO To The Rescue

If this leaves you a bit confused, imagine the muddled state-of-mind of our President. US aid to Palestinians in jeopardy over Hamas link WASHINGTON – American aid to the Palestinians is in jeopardy over their ties to the terrorist group

Yes, Jews Love Glenn Beck, But They're Israelis

Here’s another sign of the growing political distance between America’s left-liberal Jews and the Jewish state. Glenn Beck, the conservative pundit generally demonized by everyone from J Street to the ADL to the New York Times, is in Israel receiving

Justice Kagan Embraces Sharia Law That Would Kill Her

As a liberal, Jew, and lesbian, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan would face three capital counts against her in a Sharia court of law. Though, my guess is the “liberal” and the “Jew” in her are enough to explain Justice

What If They Gave A Flotilla And No One Came?

Blame it on sea sickness. Another “dire crisis” for Israel bites the dust. Wait till you see the next false alarm – the dreaded PLO “statehood” gambit at the UN in September. JPost, 7/7/2011 Gaza flotilla all but over as

Why This American Zionist Is Optimistic About The Future

At a time when the American Jewish organizational structure has been hijacked by Jewish leftwing apparatchiks who have decided to distance themselves from Zionism, deus ex machina, two strong counter-forces have emerged to nullify that trend. 1) The pro-Israel vacuum

Is 'Victory' A Dirty Word In Hebrew?

Both good news and bad news here. The good news is the IDF is bulking up and adjusting its combat systems and its defense doctrine to reflect the turmoil and change Israel faces in the new Middle East. (Although, not

Obama's Jew & The Imaginary Bogeyman

Failed peace processor and Obama cat’s-paw, Dennis Ross, addressed Shimon Peres’ Presidential Conference in Jerusalem and gave Israel some advice to help it commit suicide. Ross warned that unless peace talks with the Paleostinians resume soon, Israel would face “growing

Faint Praise: A Good Question, Partially Answered

Amidst the bilious anti-Zionism and the mindless Obama-worship coursing through the veins of big time legacy media, this piece by Jackson Diehl, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of the liberal Washington Post, comes as both a surprise and a relief. No

What We Learn About Obama From Syria

To justify our military involvement in Libya, Obama applied a completely prefabricated doctrine – Right to Protect (“R2P”) – with no legal status that was dreamed up in the leftist hothouses of academia. Then he skirted Congress and quickly passed

End Of The Middle East Christian?

Shmuel Katz was a disciple of the great Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, and was himself one of the great political minds modern Israel has produced. Katz, who passed away in 2008 at age 94, wrote Lone Wolf, the definitive account

Money Talks: Allah and The Arab Lobby at Yale

More evidence of the waning Jewish influence in American academia – and who is filling the vacuum. Algemeiner Journal, June 15, 2011 Not Another Jewish Dime to Yale Arab donors are tougher customers, and more substantial donors, who wield significant

RFK, Friend of Israel Gunned Down By Enemy of The Jews

Robert Kennedy’s Yahrzeit (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968) Remembering the Words of a Friend of Israel A young Harvard graduate, Bobby Kennedy, defied his father and decided to visit Palestine in March 1948, before “Israel” had been proclaimed.

Mark Your Calendars: Armageddon Date Moved Up

6/6/11, www.ynetnews.com Researcher: Iran can produce nuke within 2 months Airstrikes can no longer stop nuclear program, US can do nothing short of military occupation, says report The Iranian regime is closer than ever before to creating a nuclear bomb,

Why Would Anyone Rush Syria's Border With Israel? The Pay is Good

According to Wikipedia, “the Reform Party of Syria, or RPS is a political party committed to democracy and reform in Syria. It is based in the United States because the present Syrian government does not allow opposition political parties to

By Accident Or Design, Obama Leading Us Into War

Today brings (at least) three warnings from veteran observers of Middle East affairs. If even only one of them is half right, the Middle East, and a large swath of the world beyond, are on course for very troubled times.

Arab Spring Springs A Leak

[Greater Hamastan? df] Netanyahu warns Egypt losing control of growing terror groups in Sinai PM says Hamas and international terror groups are strengthening presence in Egypt and that the country’s military government is having trouble ‘realizing its sovereignty’ in Sinai.

Israeli Jews Not Nearly As Sick As USA Jews: Poll

Must be something in the water, or maybe it’s something about your kid having to clean up after Obama’s mistakes. JPost, 5/27/2011 Poll: 12% of Israeli Jews consider Obama to be pro-Israel Despite AIPAC speech intended to correct impressions that

Obama Explained By Andy McCarthy

Just brilliant, which seems the norm for this guy. He pulls back the curtain on Obama and reveals what makes the man tick. It should be sent to everyone you know. Let’s keep its lesson in front of us as

Obama Has Always Been Wrong on Israel. Why Stop Now?

Haaretz, the Israeli equivalent of The Workers World, sometimes sees the need to publish someone from the real world. Moshe Arens is a Jewish patriot who has served his country with distinction, and unlike Haaretz, has often been right. Haaretz.com,

Obama's 'Outreach' To Islam Finally Taking Hold

The President and First Lady are in Britain on a goodwill tour. Pictured here are a few of the locals who were on hand to give BHO a proper British greeting. Good to see Obama’s Muslim charm offensive has won

The Auschwitz Lines: 1967 is 1948

As Doug Ross points out so graphically here, Obama “doubled down” at AIPAC yesterday and restated his insistence that the 1967 lines (i.e., the 1948 armistice lines) be the basis for Arab-Israeli negotiations going forward. This time, however, Obama added

Obama Poisons The Well

Unlike some observers, I disagree totally that by speaking first Obama gained the upper hand and stole Netanyahu’s thunder. In the game of golf, the player farthest from the cup gets to putt first, but then the player who putts