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Woodson: Amazon’s China Problem

Amazon has a China problem, because they have agreed to do business in a way that may end up compromising Amazon’s intellectual property.

China Intellectual Property Theft

Woodson: President Trump’s Trade Naysayers Miss the Mark

President Donald J. Trump finally put the money where his mouth is and the Section 232 tariffs on imported metals went into effect on March 23, 2018. But the global push-back against them managed to reduce some of their bite.

A worker in protective gear checks the production process during the opening of the 200 mi

Woodson: Gary Cohn Versus President Trump on Trade

President Donald Trump has started to make the American economy great again with tough trade policies. Yet, Gary Cohn, the president’s chief economist has obstructed that agenda at every opportunity.

gary cohn

Woodson: Enemies of Trump Killing Competition in D.C. Swamp

The swamp is undermining the Trump agenda on so many fronts. Right now, swamp creatures have provided the enemies of President Donald J. Trump a monopoly over government information technology (IT) in a way that will embolden Trump’s enemies. It is time for the president’s loyal appointees to shut off the spigot of government contracts to the same liberal billionaires who did everything they could to stop #MAGA.

David Ryder/Getty Images

Woodson: Trump Has Opportunity to Protect Steel Industry

President Donald J. Trump campaigned in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on a campaign to bring jobs home to America. The Trump Administration has been working on a “steel investigation” to study the national security implications of Chinese dumping of steel on the world markets. Right now, President Trump can keep his promise to bring back coal, steel, and energy jobs back to American workers.

The US Department of Commerce has launched "dumping" proceedings against foreign steel fir

Puerto Rico Bailout Highlights House Failures

Just look at the House of Representatives’ recent passage of a “reform” bill for Puerto Rico’s flailing economy. The Republican majority again failed to legislate fiscal responsibility, and the American public is getting sick and tired of the body’s double-speak.

People protest outside of Wall Street against cutbacks and austerity measures forced onto

Is America Ready for Pearl Harbor 2.0?

The attack could come cyber and information warfare cells of the People’s Liberation Army of China, hackers from the Middle East or even members of the North Korean military.

Pearl Harbour

DOJ Considers Looking the Other Way on Music Violations…Again

The latest instance of the industry’s recidivism was on display earlier this month when the DOJ announced that ASCAP was paying a $1.75 million fine for violating the terms of the consent decree. The DOJ found that ASCAP was engaging in anti-competitive behavior in violation of their consent decree by requiring exclusivity contracts that forbid content owners from engaging in free market negotiations to license their music outside of ASCAP.

file, March 9, 2012 London, England.

Hedge Fund Kamikaze Missions

A corporation is defenseless when hedge fund targets a company for destruction, making it impossible for the corporation to survive.

Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, file photo, a pair of specialists confer at the post that handles

What A Waste: HHS Throwing Away Billions on Medicare

A new report from the Inspector General for the Health and Human Services Department faults the agency for missing its target of keeping fraudulent Medicare payments below ten percent. I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that HHS is wasting more than ten percent of taxpayer dollars, or that the goal was to waste only ten percent.

In this July 30, 2015 file photo, a sign supporting Medicare is seen on Capitol Hill in Wa