G.I. Film Festival

Five Reasons Not to Miss the GI Film Festival this Year

There is a film in this year’s GI Film Festival line-up for everyone. Overall the festival schedule will show 31 film premieres with action, romance, comedy, and drama all represented. Here are five stand-outs that you must see. 1. They

Think You Know Afghanistan? You Don't Know Jaker!

Fresh and innovative, Patrol Base Jaker is a captivating retelling of the remarkable history of Afghanistan from the Russian invasion to the current U.S. counterinsurgency operation. Walk in the boots of the Marine combat and civil affairs teams in Helmand

GI Film Festival: Wounded Champions; Not Victims

From Baghdad to Beijing, Warrior Champions tells the emotional and inspiring story of a group of severely wounded American Soldiers, as they fight to turn nightmares of war into Olympic dreams. Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans Kortney Clemons, Scott Winkler, Melissa

GI FILM FESTIVAL: Memories of the Coldest War

In the winter of 1950, 15,000 U.S. troops were surrounded and trapped by 120,000 Chinese soldiers in the frozen mountains of North Korea. Refusing surrender, the men fought 78 miles to freedom while saving the lives of 98,000 civilian refugees.

Third Annual "GI Film Festival" to Showcase World's Best Military Films

“Seven Days in May” to Highlight 48 Films Honoring American GIs May 11-17, Washington, DC Arlington, Virginia – GI Film Festival co-founders Brandon Millett and Major Laura Law-Millett announced today the line-up for the Third Annual festival showcasing the world’s

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Imagine being sent to the front lines in World War II. Not to destroy the enemy, but to record the war with your pen and paint brush. In Art in the Face of War, eight WWII veterans recount the experience

"They say that in the Army, the women are mighty fine."

When I was a kid, it was considered a huge insult to say “your mother wears combat boots!” They even made a TV movie with the same title. And who can forget the bumbling 1980’s Private Benjamin where Goldie Hawn’s

The Maine War Front

Far away from the war, in Portland, Maine there are people who think about the war every day. They get up every morning, not with the thought of having to pay their mortgages or the thought of far away adventures,

Son of CIA Agents Directs Spy Flick

Whatever happened to military films where American GI’s are the good guys? You know…the movies where our guys are actually wearing the white hats? You can find them at the GI Film Festival, which is held each May in Washington

Downed Pilot Survives Crash and Cannibals

Have you ever watched an Indiana Jones movie and said to yourself, “There is no way anyone could survive that!?” Well guess what…you’re wrong. Watch the movie “Injury Slight…Please Advise,” and you’ll see exactly what I mean. COL Charles Sullivan

Marine Filmmaker Featured at Festival

Marine CPL Folleh Tamba There are many Iraq War documentaries on the market, but few are as exciting and honest as “Triangle of Death,” directed by first time filmmaker Marine CPL Folleh Tamba. Triangle of Death shares the story of

Festival launches "Brothers" and More

The buzz is getting out regarding Jake Rademacher’s “Brothers at War.” It’s a great film with a good heart that shows the patriotic values of a true American family. Brothers held it’s world premiere screening in May of last year