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OH Union Members Caught with Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs

Four men caught in a Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMWIA) truck full of Romney/Ryan signs were issued summons for receiving stolen property early Friday morning in Perrysburg, OH.  Local police responded after residents reported seeing men stealing Romney signs

OH Union Members Caught with Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs

In Ohio, Desperate Times for Sherrod Brown

Progressive Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is reaching desperately to tie any possible scandal to opponent Josh Mandel, as recent polls show their race tightening. A week from election day, 4 of the 5 latest “News” items on Brown’s campaign website

In Ohio, Desperate Times for Sherrod Brown

Top 10 Sherrod Brown Lies Abetted by PolitiFact Ohio

PolitiFact Ohio, the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s left-wing “fact checking” operation, has been invaluable to leftist Sherrod Brown for its writers’ attacks on his U.S. Senate challenger, conservative Josh Mandel. PolitiFact Ohio’s biased work has been the foundation for multiple Brown ads

Top 10 Sherrod Brown Lies Abetted by PolitiFact Ohio

Book Review: Taxpayers Don't Stand a Chance

Are you interested in learning how Ohio tumbled near the bottom of the economic heap under largely Republican leadership over the past two decades, or looking for the inside line on Romney’s chances in the vital state? Matt Mayer offers

Book Review: Taxpayers Don't Stand a Chance

PolitiFact Ohio Plays Defense For Leftist Senator Sherrod Brown

The journalistic malpractice outfit calling itself PolitiFact Ohio has ruled as “Pants on Fire” 5 of 21 recent statements by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel, supporting a “rocky start” narrative at legacy media outlets covering the campaign. Cherry-picking and

PolitiFact Ohio Plays Defense For Leftist Senator Sherrod Brown

Obamanomics 101 With Ohio's Sherrod Brown

President Obama can’t be in the battleground state of Ohio selling his Keynesian politics every day, but U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was running on the same platform back when the president was still organizing Chicago communities. See how easily

Obamanomics 101 With Ohio's Sherrod Brown

Sundays with Sherrod: Progressive or Socialist?

Does a socialist by another name still think bigger central government solves every problem? If Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is your test case, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Sherrod was a member of the fringe-left Congressional Progressive Caucus during

Sundays with Sherrod: Progressive or Socialist?

Sherrod Brown's ObamaCare Problem

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown has a problem: he was the deciding Senate vote for Obamacare, and six months ago Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment to block Obamacare. But that’s only the beginning, considering the multitude of speeches and MSNBC

Sherrod Brown's ObamaCare Problem

Sundays With Sherrod: The Big Labor Fable

Like any politician, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has a few go-to parables he’s been repeating for years. The moral of Sherrod’s favorite story? Big Labor and Progressive activists are responsible for everything good about America, and conservatives want to drag

Sundays With Sherrod: The Big Labor Fable

Now You, Too, Can Soak the Rich!

SoakTheRich.us started as a series of pie charts, and turned into something much bigger. Here’s why! Promising the moon and hoping no one will ask, “Hey, what’s a moon cost these days, anyway?” turns out to be the one business model

Now You, Too, Can Soak the Rich!

Obama, Union Bosses and the 1%: Give Occupy Wall Street This Handout!

With leftists bent on making this election about the rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street, I decided to put together a fact sheet to shred Big Labor’s “solidarity” talking points. If you’re an enterprising filmmaker – or just a bored conservative

Obama, Union Bosses and the 1%: Give Occupy Wall Street This Handout!

Super Tuesday: What to Watch for in Ohio

My state is considered a vital GOP pickup this fall, as no Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio. Our midterm election’s results send mixed signals: a $40 million Big Labor smear campaign convinced Ohioans to overturn public union reform,

USPS: Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Bankruptcy?

Recently The Columbus Dispatch reported on a story playing out in Ohio and across the country: the U.S. Postal Service is announcing specific plans for long-overdue closures and consolidation. Incredibly, leftists in Congress continue to demagogue reform despite the fact USPS lost $3.3

Sundays with Sherrod: Unemployment Benefits Create Jobs

Progressive loon Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has argued time and again that unemployment benefits are a great way to create jobs. As Big Government readers know, Pelosi isn’t the only congressional Democrat to build a career coaxing the masses into Washington’s crushing embrace. Where there’s

Sherrod Brown Is a Serial Tax Delinquent

News broke Wednesday that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was delinquent on his property taxes due September 2011 until last week. Sherrod, who angrily demands bigger central government and higher taxes from “The Rich,” paid the nearly $900 in taxes, penalties, and

Obama's Ohio Attack Dogs

I’m relieved Obama for America is pushing every class warfare chip to the middle of the table. If Americans get a better look at Progressivism’s ugly mug and still vote Democrat in November, the country deserves to go bankrupt! To simplify mockery

Sundays with Sherrod: Conservatives Attack!

When Sherrod Brown (D-OH) spoke at the Ohio Education Association Representative Assembly last spring, he had a receptive audience for his class warfare routine. Since Sherrod is the most extreme leftist in the U.S. Senate and must face Ohio voters this fall,

Competitive Conservative Governors Reshaping Political Landscape

Are Wisconsin and Ohio still presidential swing states? Republicans swept to power in the Badger State and the Buckeye State in 2010. During the past year, Governor Walker and Governor Kasich have refused to settle for taxation & spending trends

Ohio Dem Gives Occupiers Tickets to Disrupt Kasich Speech

For Ohio Governor John Kasich, Tuesday’s annual State of the State address offered an important venue to talk up his administration’s achievements and goals. Kasich gave this year’s speech at Wells Academy, a school in Steubenville, instead of the traditional Statehouse

Sundays with Sherrod: Planned Parenthood Pep Talk

Last April, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) took a few minutes from his schedule to talk to a Planned Parenthood group from Cleveland about Ohio Republicans “going after women, and reproductive rights.” Sherrod went to great lengths to make abortion sound

Senators Forcing You to Fund Planned Parenthood

Based on the fact that you’re reading this online, I assume you’ve seen the online outcry over Komen for the Cure cutting off grants to Planned Parenthood. In the words of CBS News: Many suspect the cutoff is linked to

Sundays with Sherrod: China Envy

When not attacking American companies, President Obama gets downright romantic about the grand things American companies do with Washington’s guidance. China is frequently a source of envy (see: passenger rail boondoggles), because China’s statist capitalism-lite floats Obama’s boat. As America’s

Michigan Union Bosses Hate School Choice

When Governor Rick Snyder (R) and Republicans in Michigan’s state legislature implemented reforms to the state’s broken public school system last year, the Michigan Education Association (MEA) cried foul. The tone of MEA “leaders” trying to bolster their Middle Class

Union Bosses Against School Choice

The National Education Association (NEA) and its state affiliates push an agenda that benefits union bosses at taxpayer expense. In America’s 28 forced-unionism states, teachers in NEA-organized schools who opt not to join must still pay dues, creating a huge

Sundays with Sherrod: Occupier Solidarity

Back in October, Sherrod Brown (D-OH) made one of his frequent MSNBC appearances to chat with Chris Matthews about the hot new show in town: Occupy Wall Street. Matthews and Brown seemed equally enthusiastic about the left’s answer to the

A Socialism Windfall from House Democrats

Cranking their class warfare up to eleven, House Democrats submitted a “windfall tax” bill on Wednesday that would increase taxes on some oil and natural gas company revenues to 100%. As The Hill reported: According to the bill, a windfall

Big Labor Partisanship at Teacher Expense

However they market themselves, public unions are political by nature, brimming partisanship that goes beyond their skewed campaign spending. Every Republican teacher, public safety worker, and government employee forced to pay “fair share” dues should be outraged. My state’s National

Sundays with Sherrod: Single-Term Senator

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) hasn’t been rated America’s most liberal senator two years running by accident, nor as a result of some sudden leftward shift. If Sherrod’s votes from 1993-98 and 1999-2004 weren’t convincing enough, take a gander at recent

Ohio Workers Keep Losing Thanks to Big Labor's Win

In Wisconsin, Governor Walker’s public union reforms are pummeling the Big Labor narrative by saving taxpayer dollars and teachers’ jobs. Meanwhile, the professional class-warriors who get rich pushing “solidarity” force districts into layoffs by refusing to revisit unaffordable contracts. After

Sundays with Sherrod: An Abysmal Record

Last week we looked at the first 6 years of Senator Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) time in Congress. His early House voting record should alarm fiscal and social conservatives alike, but let’s see whether the decisions he made from 1999-2004 were

Obama Visits Ohio, Sherrod Brown Skips Town

When President Obama pronounced the Constitution legally dead at a Cleveland campaign stop, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was nowhere to be found. Did the president reach a partisan bridge Sherrod refused to cross? Or was Sherrod’s “scheduling conflict” as politically

Sundays with Sherrod: 'Celebrating' 19 Awful Years

As we kick off 2012, we enter Sherrod Brown’s second decade in Congress. Senator Brown (D-OH) served 7 terms in the House – starting in 1993 – before his 2006 election to the Senate. I’m 28, and Yale graduate Sherrod

Old Guard GOP May Hand Ohio to Obama

As brutal election results reflected, the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) was a scandal-plagued outfit circa 2006. I don’t relish the current ORP leadership fight, but if we don’t want second terms for President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown we must

**Better for BJ?** Is Ohio Less Democratic Than Russia?

Last week The Columbus Dispatch reported on what has been a recurring theme all year: Ohio conservatives are evil extremists! Richard Gunther today called the new congressional map signed into law last week by Gov. John Kasich “stunning” for its

Ohio GOP Chair Attacks Governor Kasich's Staff

For America to have any hope of averting fiscal collapse, the GOP presidential nominee will need to win Ohio in less than 11 months. Each day of Ohio Republican Party (ORP) infighting improves the odds for President Obama and Senator

Sundays with Sherrod: J Street's Favorite Senator

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is the favorite senator of “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobbying group J Street. Submitted into evidence: Sherrod is the only senator endorsed by J Street for 2012. Skim J Street’s list of House endorsements and you’ll find Democrat dignitaries

Big Labor's Big Campaign Spending

Boiled down to the essentials, union backing of leftist politicians is good business: Democrats push policies that benefit union bosses at the expense of employers, customers, and often the unions’ own members. This is doubly true of public unions; of

Sundays with Sherrod: Ted Kennedy's Faith

Left-of-everyone Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has a leg up on the layman in matters of faith: Sherrod labored alongside Ted Kennedy for a government big enough to drown us all in its generosity. Sherrod is so charitable with your money,

Ruckus in the Ohio Republican Party

A month after an election with mixed results for the small-government cause, Ohio conservatives are suffering through a very public GOP power struggle. Governor Kasich’s push to replace Ohio Republican Party (ORP) chairman Kevin DeWine has national implications: the Issue

Union Bosses Win, Ohio Workers Get Fired

One month ago Ohio voted with its heart against reforms portrayed as an attack on public workers. Ohio, DC, and New York union bosses spent more than $30 million drenching the airwaves in images of sad firefighters, sad police officers,