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Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Problem

Bernie Sanders will likely in fact pay a price for supporting the linkage of American support for Israel to progress on the peace process, for dramatically overstating Palestinian casualties in the 2014 Gaza War, and for branding Israel’s responses to Palestinian violence as disproportionate.

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. gestures as he speaks during

Clinton’s Kludgy Nevada Win

With all the joy and eagerness of a patient about to have her teeth drilled, Nevada’s caucus-goers gave Hillary Clinton a badly needed win, and left Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) asking what comes next. When all the shouting was over, Clinton, 68, had defeated her 74-year-old Brooklyn-born opponent by less than 700 votes out of the roughly 11,800 cast.

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It’s 1968 Again: Crime an Issue for 2016

Murder is up in New York City, New Orleans, D.C., Baltimore and Chicago, just to name a few Deep Blue hot spots. For Democrats that’s a nightmare. Barack Obama is our President, but he’s their guy, and the cities are their base. Hope and change weren’t supposed to be so bloody, and so dystopic. Yet, sadly they are. Crime is back as a political issue.

Police stand guard as demonstrators, marking the one-year anniversary of the shooting of M

Green: Hillary Clinton’s Vast Non-Right Wing Problem

Politically, this latest bombshell means that Clinton can no longer rely on the Trump Circus as a protective cocoon. Trashing illegal aliens and humiliating Lindsey Graham are one thing. Like it or not, much of America applauds. But a Secretary State of State who jeopardizes classified information for personal convenience is a completely different story. Can you say betrayal?

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D.C. Corruption Case a Window into HillaryWorld

Team Clinton’s craving for cash and ethical myopia are again in the headlines. Yes, Clinton Inc. is a billion-dollar operation. Time reports that the Clintonites project spending $1.7 billion to elect her in 2016–but a chunk of that change may well

D.C. Corruption Case a Window into HillaryWorld