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Chris Christie Promises Rally a Tough Line on Iran

“I’m for regime change in Iran,” Christie declared, saying President Obama’s kid-glove dealings with the Islamist theocracy have failed to mitigate their hatred for the “Great Satan,” the United States.

Chris Christie New Hampshire (Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press)

Jeb!: I’ll Lead a ‘Populist Revolt’

Hampton, New Hampshire — Teenagers wheeled around the cafeteria of Hampton Academy, eating pizza and waiting for the main event to begin. Country music blared over the speakers. An older gentleman sat back and read the paper. No Labels staffers worked the room and reporters hunched over their laptops. The crowds were subdued; there wasn’t a protestor in sight.

MANCHESTER, NH - NOVEMBER 19: Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks at Dynamic

Donald Trump Stumps in New Hampshire

Donald Trump’s speech focused on the challenges facing young Americans. Answering a question on the affordability of higher education, he lashed out against colleges that charge exorbitant tuition while receiving federal grants, using students “like a middle man.”

epublican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop at Concord Hig