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Internet Users, Tech Companies Beware: Son of SOPA Lives

In January 2012, the online world was ablaze with news that Congress was taking up controversial legislation intended to address internet piracy, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), but which critics derided for giving the government even more powers to

Internet Users, Tech Companies Beware: Son of SOPA Lives

AZ Bombing Suspect Had $20K in Bank, 1000+ Rounds of Ammo

The man that federal prosecutors have charged in the bombing last Friday that rocked a Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande, Arizona appeared in federal court in Phoenix on Monday. The suspect, Abdullatif Aldosary, is a 47 year-old Iraqi refugee that was convicted

AZ Bombing Suspect Had $20K in Bank, 1000+ Rounds of Ammo

VMI Celebrates Muslim Invasion, Brutal 781-year Occupation of Spain

Stonewall Jackson is rolling over in his grave. Next month his beloved Virginia Military Institute will be convening a celebration commemorating the 1300th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Spain under the Muslim warlord Tariq ibn Ziyad in 711

Penn State's Online Jihadist Arrested After Big Peace Story

A Penn State student who penned songs praising terrorists on jihadist forums sits in jail tonight following his arrest earlier this week after a confrontation with two FBI agents. On Dec. 22nd I reported here exclusively at Big Peace on

FBI Outreach Partner Kifah Mustapha Hosted Hamas Fundraiser in July 2009

Last month I revealed that the FBI Chicago field office had selected Hamas operative Kifah Mustapha to participate in a six-week Citizen Academy that included a tour of the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center and FBI Headquarters. Critics have noted that

Al-Qaeda STILL on Capitol Hill

“>Today I reported at Pajamas Media that an Al-Qaeda cleric, Anwar Hajjaj, had led Friday prayers for the Congressional Muslim Staff Association on Capitol Hill back in 2006 based on information included in a recent article in the New York Strikes Out on Team B II Report (Part 2)

(Continued list from Part 1 of “suitable” Islamic sources not practicable for article) Kavakci, Shah, Sultan, Bagby Replacing Fawaz Damra as FCNA’s “interfaith moderate” is Yusuf Kavakci, who who was criticized in an editorial by the Dallas Morning News for Strikes Out on Team B II Report (Part 1)

When my colleagues and I rolled out the Team B II report last week, “Shariah: The Threat to America,” in attendance at the Capitol Hill press conference was blogger and Center for American Progress national security researcher Matt Duss,

Key Charlie Crist Ally Hosted Hamas Fundraiser in Florida Mosque

A key Muslim ally of Florida Governor and US Senate candidate Charlie Crist, Imam Muhammad Musri, hosted a fundraiser in Orlando for the terrorist group Hamas in June 2009, and a camera crew from ACT for America infiltrated the event