Tim Slagle

Tim Slagle

Liberal Cannibalism: SEC Targets Progressive-Friendly Chipotle

Modern Liberalism is more about politics than policy. Even the most devout liberals are not immune to the legal harassment levied against other entrepreneurs. By all standards Steve Ells, CEO and founder of Chipotle Mexican Grill, is a model liberal. He

Liberal Cannibalism: SEC Targets Progressive-Friendly Chipotle

Obama Holds Off on Pool-Destroying Regulations til After Election

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, in an amazing example of evolution, President Obama announced he wouldn’t enforce regulations written by his own Administration. I’m sure we’ve all heard about the ADA swimming pool lift requirement by now. In order to

Obama Holds Off on Pool-Destroying Regulations til After Election

Weather Service Reminds Americans to Come in Out of the Rain

  There is no bigger motivator for respect than fear, and it has inspired some of the greatest tyrannies in history. On a much smaller scale, in an experiment today, the National Weather Service will begin test marketing new tornado warnings.

Weather Service Reminds Americans to Come in Out of the Rain

ObamaCare Mandate Is Just the Tip of the Left's Assault on Religion

The contraception mandate being enforced under ObamaCare has the Catholic Church under assault, not only by the Administration, but by critics in the media and around the blogosphere, who think the non-existent “right” to free contraception over–rules Catholic principles. Most

Poll Dancing Through America's Safety Net

Wednesday night, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H.R.3567; The Welfare Integrity Now for Children and Families Act of 2011; which makes it illegal to use an EBT card in a strip club, liquor store or casino. The concern began,

GLAAD's Latest Scalp: ABC Drops 'Work It'

ABC has relented to objections from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and cancelled the unbelievably bad comedy “Work It” after only two episodes. It’s my guess that with the protests from GLAAD gearing up, ABC felt it would

The Climate Change Change

We’ve heard it all before. Climate Change causes war and famine. Supporters of Climate Change legislation have scared us with all the plagues of Egypt for years, to trying to liberate us from fossil fuels. It’s actually been linked to

Liberals Get Smoking Mad

Pursuit of Happiness is my favorite unalienable right, and a cornerstone of American exceptionalism. No other Nation on earth has happiness written into its founding documents, so people from all over the world flood our borders trying to crash the

Hollywood Gins Up Electric Car Propaganda Machine

So here we are into the first year of the Chevy Volt, and President Obama’s prediction of selling 15,000 vehicles by the end of the year, is still about 12,000 short. It’s not a good start for the Administration who

Obama Economy Creating Cuisine of Desperation

America is the most prosperous nation the world has ever known. Any nation where obesity is considered an epidemic, cannot really claim to have a high poverty rate. In fact, during the middle ages, Heaven was often depicted as a

Media Goes Locker Room on Bachmann

Every man is familiar with that grade school taunt reserved for a woman standing up for herself: “What are you, on your PERIOD?” It is probably one of the worst insults that can be leveled against a woman, so much,

Repeal the War Power Usurpation

Well, here we go again. Republicans scratching their heads, watching the Democrats run circles around them. It seems The Grand Old Party is always waiting for the chance to turn tables on the Democrats, and, it just never works out.

Anti-Poverty Crusader Bono's Taxes Too Damn High

It should be no surprise. People who actually want to help others don’t put on tight leather pants and play guitars for screaming women. They usually go into quieter professions like medicine, social work, or ministry. So when a Rockstar

Michelle Obama Is Rearranging the Nation's Dinner Plates

The USDA is once again inserting itself underneath the Constitutional sneeze-guard of the Tenth Amendment. In a publicity rich media event, Michelle Obama and the USDA introduced a new dietary guideline graphic: an illustration of a plate, divided into four

Let's Face Facts: Tina Fey's Palin Impression Getting Stale

The Presidential race is on. We’ve already seen the first Presidential Debate, and political comics are chomping on the bit. For the past three years, political correctness has forbidden Presidential humor, so when Fox News announced the first Republican debate,

Can 'SEAL Team 6: The Movie' Rescue Obama from His Failed Presidency?

***UPDATE for the humor-impaired: Some hyper-alert political opponents have noticed that I make reference to Birth of a Nation in this article, and have suggested that I am denigrating the American Military. I actually meant that Hollywood has always loved

Why the Oscar Snub for 'Secretariat'?

So an entertaining film comes out about a woman who bucks up against societal norms in the early seventies, puts career over family, and still comes out a winner — sounds like someone’s flirting with Oscar! Strangely, it doesn’t earn

General Motors Accidently Tells the Truth

There was a time when Chevy built cars and trucks. The Corvette and Camaro were legendary sports cars, and the Impala offered full size comfort a middle class price. But that was before Change came to town. The brand that

FCC vs. Bristol Palin: More Proof Free Speech is the Enemy of the Left

In movies like Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, neighbors inform the police about serious crimes against the State like subversion and book possession. In real America, people call 911 because McDonald’s has run out of McNuggets. We’ve grown accustomed to hearing

Sam Kinison & Me: New Media Is Comedy's Salvation From PC

I recently read John Nolte’s piece on Sam Kinison, and it really struck a chord. He asks if a young comic today could get away with some of Sam’s material. I was a young comic, barely breaking in my comedy

Washington Set to Control Your Light Switch

Ever since this continent was electrificated, Americans have been allowed to plug anything they want into their own electrical outlet. The history of electricity is a biography of modernism. Originally intended just to light homes, electric power was soon used

PETA's Rock Star: Chinese are 'Sub-Species'

Aging pop star Morrissey has decided to pile on with the rest of the world, and engage in a little China bashing. With his recent remark he has taken the hate to a new level, by declaring Chinese people a

Totalitarian Recall

The bigger the corporation the easier it is to hide in a cubicle doing absolutely nothing. There are working people, whose entire job requires little more than taking a slip of paper out of one slot and sticking it into