Repeal the War Power Usurpation


Well, here we go again. Republicans scratching their heads, watching the Democrats run circles around them. It seems The Grand Old Party is always waiting for the chance to turn tables on the Democrats, and, it just never works out. When Democrats were in the Majority, the Press Loved the Democrats, so it was assumed when Republicans took over in 1994, that they would have the same close relationship. (Whoops.) Such naive trust is the kind, that loses great fortunes to Nigerian Princes.

When Republicans held the majority, they were civil with Democrats. They would give them important seats, seek their council on policies, and pass through every Democrat judicial nominee with respect; hoping that when they were in the minority again, they will be shown the same respect. (Whoops again.) No wonder Conservative ideas never gain any traction. They are as helpless as red-coated soldiers marching into the forest with pipes and drums blaring.

Now that Republicans have the majority back, and the President has initiated force in Libya, there was a futile hope that a Democrat President will respect the War Powers Resolution. (Whoops cubed. Fool me one time, shame on you; fool me twice, let’s go for three!) It was a mistake of perception. Despite the antiquated notion of equal treatment under the law, the War Powers Resolution wasn’t written for Democrat Presidents –it only applies to Republicans.

It all boils down to our differing views of law. While we see the Constitution as an inflexible document that outlines the sole authority under which the Federal Government can legally exist, the Democrats see it as six pages of enormous loopholes. To us, laws are inflexible orders that apply to everyone, regardless of their position in society; to Democrats they are nothing more than handy tools for leveraging a campaign donation out of a stingy donor. The Health Care waivers are good examples of this double standard; another is Al Gore’s private jet.

Every Republican President has complied with The War Powers Resolution since President Nixon vetoed it in 1974; believing it to be unconstitutional. Both Obama and Clinton scoffed at the law, knowing full well that Democrats wouldn’t pull the trigger, and Republicans just can’t. Every Republican President has complied with the Resolution, even though most of them believe it supersedes the Constitution.

There was a silly attempt to protest the President’s violation by voting against the action in Libya, followed up by a failure to de-fund it. It was all a futile charade to fool the hardliners, who want this President forced to behave like every Republican President before him. Instead the Legislature does nothing, and like the Fox walking away from the “sour” grapes, mutters under their breath that the The War Powers Resolution is unconstitutional anyway. We are in a crisis.

A famous ballet dancer once said that crises are rife with opportunity, and “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Well then, why don’t they vote to repeal The War Powers Resolution? Show some initiative. They’ve been saying for thirty-seven years now, that the dang thing just ‘aint right. Lets get rid of it. There’s a the majority in the House, and you could probably coax a few moderates over in the Senate; lets get that repeal on the Presidents desk. Put him in a position where he has to either agree that the law is unconstitutional, or explain why he is above the law. Put him in the hot seat. Make him grant himself a War Powers waiver.

Or we could just make the Democrats promise not to make the next Republican President comply with The War Powers Resolution. I’d bet we can trust them THIS time…


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