Left Uses Sequestration for Class Warfare

Left Uses Sequestration for Class Warfare

The leftists are now preaching what we would have expected: that the budget cuts caused by sequestration will hit poorer families the hardest. The Center For Budget and Policy Priorities, which is known as a liberal think-tank, is quoting statistics like these:

Roughly 3.8 million long-term unemployed workers with federally funded benefits will lose 11% of their weekly benefits; 600,000 to 775,000 women and children will not be able to use the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program; and 100,000 people or more will lose housing aid.

Sharon Parrott, a member of the think tank, blurted, “There is no way to cut $85 billion in a single year, mainly from discretionary programs — which include most defense spending as well as medical research, education, help for low-income families, food and water safety, law enforcement, and so on — and not see real impact.” 

Of course, this is the same think tank that cherry-picked statistics in 2011 to prove that the deficits over the next ten years were due to George W. Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, wars, the following bailouts, recession, and stimulus; but it wouldn’t acknowledge that the real problem was entitlements.

The word has come down: pose the sequestration as the GOP’s fault (it was Barack Obama’s idea), and use it to bring forth the usual class warfare meme. Democratic Party 101.