CNN Primetime Coverage: 78 Percent Donald Trump, 22 Percent Other GOP Field

AP Photo
AP Photo
Washington, DC

A Media Research Center (MRC) study shows that CNN, the host of the second GOP presidential primary debate, dedicates roughly 78 percent of its primetime GOP election coverage to frontrunner Donald Trump.

The other 16 GOP presidential candidates  – including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who recently suspended his campaign – received just 22 percent between all of them.

The math shows that Trump has had three times more media coverage during CNN’s primetime newscasts than the other GOP candidates.

The Media Research Center study reviewed CNN’s weekday primetime shows from August 24th to September 4th.

The study reveals that Trump had 580 minutes of media coverage, which averaged out to 25 percent of CNN’s total programing for the ten days that MRC studied.

CNN will air the second GOP presidential primary debate Wednesday evening. The first debate panel – Sen. Rick Santorum, Gov. George Pataki, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Lindsey Graham – begins at 6 p.m. eastern. Then, the top 11 candidates take the stage at 8 p.m. eastern.