The Political Class Strikes Back

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

The political class – the career politicians, career candidates and the moneyed interests behind them – has turned a deaf ear to the stunning level of voter alienation reverberating across America.

The political class is striking back at the new breed of conservative outsiders seeking to pry the self-serving fingers of the political class from the levers of power at the federal and state levels.

The political class in Missouri is striking back against one of this new breed of conservative outsiders – Eric Greitens – a Republican candidate for Missouri governor. I first wrote about his candidacy last November. Since then, his campaign has caught fire – last quarter he raised more money than the rest of his Republican opponents combined. Greitens strikes fear in the Missouri political establishment, which has reached deep into its bag of dirty tricks to try to stop him from bringing the much needed disruptive change to Missouri politics that voters are demanding.

I cannot think of a state where disruptive change is needed more than Missouri, the scene of national embarrassments like Ferguson and the University of Missouri. It is ranked 50th in moving people off of welfare, 47th in economic growth, and 46th in education. I cannot think of a candidate more capable of answering the call of voters to bring disruptive change to Missouri than Eric Greitens.

Greitens is a former Navy SEAL, who served four tours of duty overseas – including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was awarded with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service.

A bestselling author, Greitens published The Heart and the Fist, and Resilience, a series of letters written to a fellow Navy SEAL suffering from PTSD. A Rhodes Scholar, he wrote his dissertation on how international organizations should serve war affected children. A humanitarian volunteer, he’s worked across the world, in one of Mother Teresa’s Homes for the Destitute and Dying in Calcutta, in war-torn Rwanda, in refugee camps in Bosnia. A White House Fellow, he assisted with rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

No wonder he strikes fear in the political establishment.

With fewer than four months until Missouri’s primary election on August 2, Greitens has been repeatedly attacked by the political establishment. They released a video falsely attacking his military achievements. They launched a SuperPAC bashing his character and reputation. At every turn in his campaign, the career politicians have tried to stop him. Why? Because they are scared of the movement his candidacy has created in Missouri. He is a threat to their careers. To their power. To their very way of life. Because he represents the people. Not the political class.

I wrote in November, that, at this time of great uncertainty for America, leaders like Eric Greitens will give us hope for the future. He will help to restore trust in government. I believe this is more true now than ever before. Eric Greitens is a proven leader with real-world experience who will uproot the political establishment and get real results for real people.

Most politicians are all talk, no results (or bad results when they do decide to do something).

As a conservative outsider, Eric Greitens is different – he’s spent his life on the front lines getting results. When he saw a problem with the VA hurting his friends, he decided to do something about it. He founded The Mission Continues, now one of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations for helping veterans to turn their lives around and continue to serve in their communities.

The Mission Continues was built on the belief that every veteran is an asset, and they could all live lives of purpose, meaning, and dignity. The Mission Continues changed the way Americans think about post 9/11 veterans, inspired a new generation of veteran service organizations, engaged 100,000 volunteers nationwide, and changed the lives of thousands of veterans. Fortune Magazine ranked Eric Greitens as one of the world’s fifty greatest leaders. Time Magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The state of Missouri needs Eric Greitens. I know our party needs leaders like Eric Greitens. And it seems our country is craving for leaders like Eric Greitens. Let’s support members of this new generation of conservative leaders who are stepping forward to serve.

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