Tony Nash: China Understands Trump’s Nationalist Rhetoric

Chinese President, Xi Jinping leaves the stage after the speech on the opening ceremony of CICA, at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on April 28, 2016 in Beijing, China.
Kenzaburo Fukuhara-Pool/Getty Images

Singapore-based international financial analyst Tony Nash tells SiriusXM Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon about the relationship between China and a potential President Donald Trump, who has accused China’s trade policies of “raping America.”

Nash thinks China would take Trump’s tough language “in stride.”

“Asia understands nationalists,” he said. “You have nationalists setting up China, Japan, Korea, a number of countries in Southeast Asia, and India. I think China understands nationalist rhetoric, and I think they understand how to talk to nationalists.”

Nash said that in the United States, such rhetoric was formerly heard “every couple of years, around Most Favored Nation status with China,” back in the “pre-WTO days.”

“We don’t hear that any more,” he said. “You could hear talk about human rights in China. You don’t really hear that any more.”

He said Trump was delivering “probably the strongest rhetoric in a long time about China, coming out of the U.S.”

Based on his personal experience with Chinese businessmen and financiers, Bannon said Trump is “on the tip of everyone’s tongue in China.” He wondered if the Chinese would have an official response to Trump’s “raping America” accusations.

Nash thought it was unusual to see so many foreign heads of state responding directly to Trump while he was only a potential presidential candidate, not yet secure as his party’s nominee. “It’s really kind of unbecoming of their office to respond to him,” he contended, recommending that the Chinese “wait until he’s the nominee,” or perhaps even “wait until he’s President.”

“This stuff is said for a home audience,” Nash said about Trump’s comments. “I believe it’s sincere, but it’s said for a home audience.  It’s not necessarily meant for heads of state overseas to comment on.”

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