Missouri GOP Poised to Override Veto, Legalize Permitless Carry

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Missouri Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe (R-Dist. 6) says he and his GOP colleagues are ready to override Governor Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of permitless carry legislation.

Nixon vetoed the legislation, SB 656, on June 27, just over two weeks after defenseless Orlando, Florida, residents demonstrated the dangers unarmed citizens face when targeted by a determined armed attacker.

According to The Kansas City Star, House Speaker Todd Richardson (R-Dist. 152) said the House will override the veto if an override attempt prevails in the Senate. He said:

This is why the people of Missouri elected a super-majority of conservative supporters of the 2nd amendment to the House and the Senate. Senate Bill 656 is the first meaningful step forward on gun rights in over a decade; it passed both chambers with more than enough votes to override the governor’s veto.

Peter Kinder, a Republican candidate for governor of Missouri, criticized Nixon’s veto of the bill, saying, “Rather than restricting Americans’ constitutional right to firearms, we should encourage more responsible citizens to receive firearms training and consider purchasing a gun for the safety of themselves, their families, and their neighbors.”

Ironically, when vetoing SB 656, Governor Nixon voiced support for the Second Amendment, which says the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

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