On MSNBC, Politico's Jonathan Martin Refers to Florida Panhandle as 'Cracker Counties'

***UPDATE: Some are arguing “cracker” is acceptable within the context of Florida. Newsbusters, who also caught the slur, sums it up perfectly:

Some have asserted that Martin meant the word “cracker” as a reference to native Floridians and not in a racial way. However, the Politico reporter wasn’t on local Florida TV and the rest of the country sees the term as an insult.

The context of the comment came while talking about conservative Southerners. Remember, Martin claimed that Florida is “going to give us a sense of what’s ahead in March, when this primary does move to the Deep South states.”

Also, is the MSM ready to change the rules they wrote making facts about ‘food stamps’ racist? Do they want to change the rules they wrote whereas if a certain group referes to themselves with a term considered offensive elsewhere, that it’s now okay for outsiders like Martin to use that term?

Of course not. The liberal media’s writing these rules, not us, and they’re going to beat us senseless with them. The least we can do is expect them to follow the rules they’ve created.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin isn’t a big fan of everyday people, especially those who don’t vote for Obama. If you want to understand who this man really is, you need only click here. To protect then-candidate Barack Obama and get the heat off of him after making his infamous and revealing “spread the wealth” comment, Martin needed to change the narrative quick, so he investigated and published dirt on a PRIVATE CITIZEN. What followed was a narrative-changing (to benefit Obama) MSM attack against a guy who was minding his own business when Obama approached him.

Jonathan Martin is also the left-wing operative who led the campaign to bring down Herman Cain over 15 year-old allegations. This partisan campaign was so frenzied and over-the-top and outrageous that even left-wing media watchdogs said so.

And now we get another glimpse into what motivates Mr. Martin, as he launches a racial slur against Southerners on a national cable channel:


Wikipedia sums it up perfectly:

Cracker, sometimes white cracker, is a pejorative term for white people.

You’ll also note that MSNBC host Chuck Todd says nothing in response to Martin’s racial slur. In fact, Todd doesn’t blink an eye.

Moreover, keep in mind that these are the same MSM leftists who have and will continue to attempt to define every effective attack against Barack Obama as “racist” or as some sort of “racial dog-whistle.” This includes FACTS, such as the record increase in the number of food stamp recipients under Obama’s failed recovery.

In this same situation, we all know what would happen to a journalist who worked hard to hold Obama accountable, and we all know what would happen had Martin used a racial slur against any group other than white southerners.

But Jonathan Martin is among the protected class of so-called journalists because he’s a fierce Palace Guard for Obama. He also chose the exact right group to launch his slur against, because this is all about politics and getting Obama reelected.

The term “cracker” creates the image of the conservative-voting Florida panhandle Obama’s MSM Palace Guards want to create. Because Obama can’t win on his failed record, the MSM intends to make sure America understands that only racists and a racist country would dare fire the first black president.

What Martin is doing here is laying the track for that narrative, which is why Chuck Todd is a-okay with this particular racial slur.

These people are awful, but they’re not dumb.