Huffington Post Goes Apoplectic After Mark Kelly Praises NRA Gun Safety Program

AP Photo/Branden Camp
AP Photo/Branden Camp

On April 14 gun control proponent Mark Kelly tweeted his support for the NRA’s efforts to teach gun safety to kids, causing the Huffington Post to come unglued.

Kelly specifically praised Eddie Eagle, the NRA gun safety program for kids.

Kelly’s tweet said: “I don’t agree w/ the NRA on some big issues, but they deserve a lot of credit for teaching kids about gun safety [via] Eddie Eagle.”

The Huffington Post’s response?

Mark, you may believe that the Eddie Eagle program is a serious and successful effort to spread the word about gun safety, but it’s actually the NRA’s poster child for making everyone believe that the organization represents a positive force in the debate about guns. In fact, we wouldn’t need a gun debate if the NRA hadn’t decided back in the 1980s to abandon a hundred-year tradition of representing hunters and sport shooters, embarking instead on a continuous campaign to become America’s leading civil rights organization by protecting us from gun-grabbing liberals, big-city mayors and anyone else with an interest in having a rational discussion about guns.

Your beloved wife, Gabby Giffords, was almost killed by a crazy whose Glock pistol allowed him to shoot 19 people without reloading thanks to a high-capacity magazine which the NRA has defended as the “right” of every American to own. And if the Safeway parking lot where she was gunned down had been a gun-free zone, the NRA will tell you that this only increased the risk of an active shooting, but the data on such shootings shows the reverse to be true.

HuffPo misses a number of important points, one being the fact that Mark Kelly owns a Glock with a “high capacity” magazine. And he uses the “high capacity” magazine in the gun when target shooting–at least he did when Breitbart News reported on him target shooting with a 17-round magazine in his Glock in August 2013.

Kelly also testified against magazines holding more than 10 rounds before the US Senate in February 2013. He then tried to rationalize his continued ownership of the very magazine he testified against by highlighting the fact that it was not a 33-round magazine.

In other words, he doe not comply with his own suggestions, but at least his “high capacity” mags are much smaller than some.

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