After Chris Cuomo’s Abortion Ambush, CNN Whines Over Marco Rubio Snub


CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a proven liar, something of a fool, and a left-wing  partisan, and now that Cuomo’s fact-free August ambush of Rubio over abortion appears to have resulted in Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio smartly avoiding the left-wing cable news network, that same left-wing cable news network is publicly crybabying over it:

For more than two months, CNN has sent daily interview requests to Marco Rubio. And each time, the campaign has passed. Over that same period, every other GOP candidate has given multiple interviews to CNN. Only Rubio has been absent. Meanwhile, the Florida senator has appeared on several other news networks.

When reached for comment, Rubio spokesperson Alex Conant said simply: “We don’t comment on our media strategy.”

Although I have no special knowledge of Rubio’s media strategy, avoiding partisan hit men who have no idea where babies come from sounds like a solid media strategy to me.

Why would Rubio appear on the low-rated CNN after this:

CHRIS CUOMO: I know, but you’re deciding when it is human life. Let me ask you something. You – when you’re looking at the future –

MARCO RUBIO: No, science has decided when it is human life.

CUOMO: Science has not decided it’s at conception.

RUBIO: No, let me correct you. Science has — absolutely it has.

CUOMO: Not at conception.

RUBIO: Science has decided that when a – science has concluded — absolutely it has. What else can it be? It cannot turn into an animal. I can’t turn into a donkey. That’s the law. The only thing that that can become is a human being.

CUOMO: But you – no, but you know that the law has perused this. The fact that – look, of course, I understand the logic but it’s a little too simple with –

RUBIO: Every human – human like. It can’t be anything else.

As Newsbusters points out, science obviously agrees with Rubio. From a SCIENCE textbook:

Human development begins at fertilization when a sperm fuses with an oocyte to form a single cell, the zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual… The zygote divides many times and becomes progressively transformed into a multi-cellular human being.

Cuomo is ignorant enough to almost always get it wrong and enough of a left-wing partisan to not care that he got it wrong.



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